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  1. I guess Britney did lip-sync Somethin

    They tried to, but it just didn't work.
  2. I guess Britney did lip-sync Somethin

    That armography.
  3. Which of the current pop Girls is your fav

    Taylor shouldn't be grouped with those four. She's miles above them commercially and has a much longer musical career. OT: Ariana.
  4. Katy hasn't flopped? What is this mess? Some of the tickets on the Hitless Tour are being sold for $10. That's less than the parking in the Joanne Tour. CTTR did well due to the Grammys and that's about it. BA and SS were complete flops. The fact that Feels is the biggest hit this era says a lot. Witness was a huge bomb. Good debut due to tour bundle and then started falling of the charts completly. "Hasn't flopped". Yeah, right...
  5. That doesn't stop being real. That horrible thing is justified by the fact that it's a mic feed. She was just singing along to the track to make her lipping look real with no real effort. And she was also doing it while using an unnatural singing tone. She's a singer. She has good singing moments and she has bad singing moments. Sorry, but a good vocal moment doesn't make a bad one fake.
  6. The big question is: would she sing live? Singing live once doesn't mean she will do it ever again. I would be here for that but it would be a complete embarassment if she went on stage with a big live band to do this with a CD track playing:
  7. No. Dance the uptempos hard with pre-recorded vocals and sing the ballads/midtempos live with her deep voice.
  8. Rank Daniel Craig's Bond films

    I agree. He brought a more human side to Bond, which was really lacking in the previous movies. No over-the-top gadgets, clich├ęs or special effects; just a hard as nails Bond. Die Another Day was such a "pussified" movie with the invisible car and that plotline. It looked they were trying to be the British Matrix or something. Casino Royale, thankfully, put a stop to that.
  9. I never thought I'd see her walk on stage with such confidence. I'm f*cking slayed.
  10. If Just Like Me was a color, it would be beige.
  11. Bonnie Raitt - Something To Talk About

    Will you keep your promise?