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  1. TTWE video in 2011. Blackout on physical CD. Bought it a few weeks ago. Toxic on Ellen, I think.
  2. Will Cuca have longevity like Madonna or will she be a fad like Gaga? Discuss.


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    2. Pedro Dantas

      Pedro Dantas

      I think Cuca is gonna flop soon.

      Her catalogue is very limited and dated, unlike, for example, Gretchen's, who, despite being most famous for her classics, still provides new GIFs.

      Her sucess is due, mostly, to the hype surounding Brazilian GIFs and the sucessful tweets about her.

      She already peaked and I think she'll end up as an one-era-wonder. I'll be shocked if she ends up having Gretchen's longevity.


    3. SlayOut


      Well, now that you bring Gretchen into this, everything changes! icpcmr.jpg Gretchen is to Michael Jackson as Cuca is to Igloo. 14l0g07.jpg Sorry not sorry! 10migdh.jpg

      Cuca still deserves her moment, though! :queenflopga:

    4. Pedro Dantas

      Pedro Dantas

      Why don't we have Gretchen emotes on this forum? :beyfedup: The woman has GIFs for every ocasion.

      Can you send me your Gretchen emotes please?

  3. Piece of Me because I'm not famous or stalked by the paparazzi.
  4. The queen of GIFs, Gretchen, was doing an interview with PAN (a brazilian forum) ,and, according to the forum's official Twitter account, she revealed that she likes Britney and that she loves the story of how she overcame her problems. Source
  5. ITZ is better and has a much better variety of sounds. Every track on Blackout sounds the same.
  6. She hasn't had an iconic look since the Toxic air hostress outfit and the crystals glued to her body. Or maybe what she wore when she smashed a car with that umbrella or the VMA 2007 outfit. I'm not sure whether I would consider the Circus ringleader outifit iconic. Even though that's my favorite costume from her, it was only on a tour and the GP probably wouldn't recognize it. And some of the awnsers in here... The word "iconic" is thrown around too easily around here.
  7. Even in the documentaries, what we see is her going in, recording the songs and leaving. All the producers she works with praise her involvement and how professional she is, yet all people see is basically a puppet, because that's what Britney and her team show to them. But the worst interviews are during BJ, when, during the listening party with will.i.am and those reporters, it looked like she was just listening to the album for the first time (which was probably what happened).
  8. I think she's to blame for that. She never really showed her involvement in her projects to the GP. It's always the same "i think it's just a song" and "cool, really cool". She could've talked about, on Carpool, about how she fired Larry as her A&R and hired Karen and how much more involved she was this time. I don't want her to go around pretending that her music is some kind of mega-personal gift from heaven with an extremely deep meaning like everyone does nowadays, because most of the time they're anoying and they're lying, since they're manufactured products; but I would like her to tell the truth, be self-aware and recognize her musical strengths and weaknesses. She would gain a lot more respect from the GP. Also, one more thing: STOP LIPSYNCING AND START TURNING ON HER MIC TO SING INSTEAD OF JUST DOING THAT TO SAY STUFF LIKE "WHERE ARE WE?"!!
  9. She'll live off her past acomplishments like she's been doing since 2013.
  10. Her diva antics, together with her lack of professionalism and horrible team, are going to destroy her image.
  11. Happy Birthday!
  12. Not everything is about Britney.
  13. That album basically turned her into Milli Vanilli. She doesn't sing live and she didn't sing in her own album. Thank God for Glory (she's still lipsyncing but at least she sings her own stuff and gave us a good album) and the fact that the Myah scandal didn't explode and is only known by pop stans.
  14. Hi

  15. Nice to know I'm not the only one who thinks this. I found it really trashy and desperate.