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  1. Why did Taylor copy Britney?

  2. Would you rather

    The 'Happy' singer.
  3. Why did Taylor copy Britney?

  4. Taste. Lemme give Slow Hands or whatever his song is called a quick lil' stream.
  5. "She's 35!!!!! She's not 19 anymore!!!"

    I was gonna use the "Britney is white" excuse, but I guess there is no excuse.
  6. Ideas for B10

    Promo for the album, not POM. Good music. More than two singles. No scrapped videos. No going on vacation right after dropping a song. No screenshot as an album cover. Live vocals. No letting her sons naming the album.
  7. Kids React To Madonna

    They should've done this video with teenagers to be honest. She really isn't meant for kids. I'm not expecting teens to know every one of her songs but at least they'd know who she is.
  8. Kids React To Madonna

    Teenagers still recognize her classics (Baby, Oops and Toxic) but I don't know about kids. Watch one of them say "Is she Ariana Grande when she was younger?".
  9. Kids React To Madonna

    "Like Zendaya" hfhcjvdjcjdjncejivia This whole video I hate the fact that they stopped at Music. They should've shown Hung Up as well.
  10. Bored of negative fans

    Me too.
  11. "Me Against The Music" turns 14

    Wasn't Britney one of the first to debut a song to the public the same day it came out on iTunes with HIAM? I remember reading something like that. All this talk remind me of this: This was recorded in May and the song came out in September. Imagine if Britney did this in POM.