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  1. 5 minutes ago, BoyToySoldier said:

    It’s fake. :orangu:

    But this definitely wouldn’t have had the same impact as a lead the way Gimme More did. It would have performed well but it wouldn’t have the same regard today.

    Thanks. :)

    Yeah, I agree. Gimme More really was the right choice for the lead single. Her coming out of (semi-)retirement with "It's Britney, bitch!" is one of my favourite moments by her.

  2. I was browsing through a Britney thread from 2007 (link) before Blackout had been released and I found this:

    http://bp2.blogger.com/_rhKmMekMHaY/RpJUKsDk5fI/AAAAAAAACZA/uPBZ4Fm2bjs/s1600-h/4qygxtf.jpg (click to see the pic cause I can't embed it)

    It was posted in mid-July 2007 and the length of the album version (3:52) written in the CD (roughly) matches the one in Blackout (3:50). Let's not forget Get Back was originally intended to be the lead single of Blackout.

    So what do you think (or know)? Is it real? Fake?

    Would Get Back have smashed as a lead? Flopped? Moderate hit?

  3. Just now, BoyToySoldier said:

    I actually enjoyed Dead Petz and recognize it as her strongest work. I think Space Bootz is the best song of her career and I wouldn't mind more stuff like that. But you're right, she's sonically all over the place and I think she does a bad job at tying it all together. A good example of this would be Christina or Madonna.

    I never listened to Dead Petz but I watched the Dooooooooooooooooooooooooooo It! video and that's where I got the "grotesque" from. She definetly needs to find her sound and image. Demi has kinda found hers (R&B) and Selena is getting there as well (Fetish fits her voice quite well and I'd love for her to make more songs like that).

  4. Just now, BoyToySoldier said:

    Urban will never happen again. Black Twitter and the SJW will make sure to end her career the way they did Iggy if that happens. Her best bet is to go back to dance pop for a hit. :verycool:

    Even if it's not urban, it will definetly be very shocking and the absolute opposite of what she's doing now. The thing about her is that she has no "signature image". Is she country? Urban? Dance-Pop? Grotesque (Dead Petz)? Pop Rock? She's an artist who hasn't really discovered her sound yet. She just hops on whatever gets her the most attention. 

  5. 8 minutes ago, BoyToySoldier said:

    She has that annoying habit of shitting on her past. Last I checked, Bangerz was all your concepts and ideas so it's not like you can disown it as someone else's work the way you did with Hannah Montana and Disney. That's your legacy, your work and your career. How sad that you want to belittle it because you're all holier than thou now.

    This. Her constantly dissing her past material makes her look like a puppet who records whatever is trendy and gets her the most GP attention instead of someone who makes music for her fans.

    I can't take stuff like Malibu seriously because I know she's gonna diss it in like 2 years when she's gonna come back with sometyhing urban and shocking, and the "light" Malibu will have been a "mistake". I can already imagine it: "Malibu is something that doesn't truly represent me, it's something that my label wanted me to do. My new single "#*something tasteless and tacky*" is something that comes from the heart. It's Miley. Malibu wasn't.". 

    Bookmark this and bump it in 2/3 years. :bang:

  6. 5 minutes ago, ShowdownITZ said:

    She’s still out for a quick lil’ hit even though she herself has said she doesn’t do that :whitney:

    I get it, you want to see this place furious over her getting a #1 but it’s still hypocritical what she’s doing 

    She said that the industry only focuses on quick lil singles and doesn't care about making cohesive pieces of work. She wasn't talking about side collabs, she was talking about people like Rihanna, who, at the time, were releasing fillered albums with few good songs in it. It's not hypocritical because her post-IASF albums aren't single collections, they're albums. She focuses on selling albums which is why she records visual albums and also performs album tracks on promo performances. In Beyoncé's case, side collabs =/= fillered albums.


  7. 17 minutes ago, ShowdownITZ said:

    She’s credited as one of the writers when she probably didn’t even change a word :whitney:

    Britney didn’t go down as the main artist of the song :whitney:

    That's a whole another story and has nothing to do with being credited as a main artist. Either way, Perfect (Duet) is Ed's and Bey's song because they're both credited as a main artist.

    9 minutes ago, JChristian said:

    You poor thing. :ririshade2:


    2 minutes ago, JChristian said:

    There's no way she is going to be featured on this song and not have a writing credit all of a sudden. :donewithit:

    That's a whole another story. Her having or not having writing credits has nothing to do with Perfect (Duet) being her song or not. It's her song because she's credited as a main artist together with Ed and it's her #1 because of the previois reason and because her version is (or was) outselling the original version during the tracking period.

  8. 12 minutes ago, JChristian said:

    Wasn't "Perfect" a song already on Ed Sheridan's album? Beyonce was not one of those song writers so it's not her song boo. But any number one after nine years is something. 


    I wonder if Beyonce will take credit for creating Nala? :whitney:

    Her version is outselling the original and she's credited as a main artist, not a feature. That's why she got the credit. Billboard is crediting her for the #1 and, at the end of the day, they're the ones making the rules when it comes to the Hot 100, not you.

    And I'm not sure where you're getting with that last part. It's impressing the she can still get #1 singles after two decades in the industry.

    And, no, she won't take credit for credit for creating Nala. What a weak attempt at shade..


  9. 56 minutes ago, Dynasty said:

    Britney shops at target = white trash

    beyonce shops at target = omg shes so humble and normal omg

    PUH-lease. :sofedup: It could easily be the other way round too, especially in here.

    Beyoncé shops at Target = She's such trash. *followed up by a racist joke*

    Britney shops at Target = OMG. What a humble popstar. She doesn't build herself up like a God. Fakeyonce can't relate.

  10. 11 minutes ago, BoyToySoldier said:

    Like @ATWK said, she’s basically the blueprint for every female in pop music that came after her. Both Janet and Madonna have heavily influenced the female pop stars we have today and they’ve given birth to the influential female pop stars that are regarded as icons in this day (Britney, Christina, Beyonce).

    I think you mean @PokemonSpears. I just posted a few links.

    But I agree. There's no denying her impact in pop music and I think calling her "[just] a more controversial Britney" is a complete underestimation of her impact and overall legendary-ness.

  11. 35 minutes ago, Crayboy said:

    Can someone explain to me the big deal about her? Like I’m only 19 so please school me a little on why people love her.

    in my eyes (personally) she is a more controversial Britney. Like I personally don’t Believe she’s as talented as people think she is 

    I love Britney, but Madonna, sweetie, I'm so sorry...

    Anyway, get educated:





  12. 9 minutes ago, BoyToySoldier said:

    I’m not saying it’s a bad thing at all. I have no bad blood towards someone that wants and craves to be successful at their careers, what a silly thing for me to be angry about. :orangu:

    What does tick me off is dishonesty, so if you’re going to pull all the stops out and center everything around a gimmick, don’t try to act like you’re above it (which was my issue with Gaga back then, among others). And it’s not like it’s even Beyonce, it’s more her stans that gas everything up. It’s almost as bad as the Army that use the Baby and Oops outsold arguement. It’s tired. :umsaywhat:

    I agree that an artist thinking he's above others is annoying. I used to hate that about Gaga too. Some of her stans can get annyoing (some idiot was saying she was right behind MJ when it comes to GP respect) but all fanbases are kinda like that, especially when their faves are sucessful (like the Monsters in 2011). This place is also extremely delusional so I'm not gonna drag others into this. And nice to know I'm not the only one whi thinks the "Baby and Oops outsold" is tired.

    However, I don't think Beyoncé is just a gimmick. She's still a hugely talented performer.

  13. 8 minutes ago, BoyToySoldier said:

    I already said I understand. But she can't have her cake and eat it too. It's hypocritical. Why can she have both but Rihanna only have one? An artist that's solely focused on making good bodies of work would be happy and leave it at that with their acclaim and respect. But Beyonce, she has to have it all. And she can have it all if she wants, but her ruse will be shattered in the process as nothing more than a gimmick to sell her album. Period.

    OK. I get what you mean. I don't agree entirely with it but each to their own.

    I just don't see how wanting more than what you have is a bad thing. It's the main reason she still has a sucessful career.

  14. 9 minutes ago, BoyToySoldier said:

    I already told you I understand, doesn't mean she's immune to it.

    It's like Chipotle dragging McDonalds for using mystery meat when their meat is all natural. But then, two years later Chipotle decides because of supply and demand, they're going to use mystery meat in addition to their natural meat for a profit. Same thing applies here. :howiroll:

    No. It's more like this:

    Beyonce drags the industry for not focusing on making good bodies of work and only focusing on selling quick lil singles. Beyonce releases a good body of work and, at the same time, quick lil singles between the eras. Two years later: Beyonce still makes quality bodies of work and still releases quick lil singles between her eras except, this time, they're sucessful.

    If she was dropping albums like Rihanna's and the side collabs, you'd have a point, but she isn't. She's following her words and is releasing quality bodies of work. Once again: she wasn't dragging quick lil singles, she was dragging the fillered albums.