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  1. She Wolf is such an underrated album. It's not perfect and it sounds a bit demo-y is some places but it definetly doesn't deserve the drags it gets. :lemmetellu:

    1. britisthecolor


      Shakira's she wolf, right?(ıdk if anyone else has an album called she wolf).ı haven't listened to all songs on the album but ı love the singles and why wait.

    2. If U Seek Me

      If U Seek Me

      It's quite shitty compared to Dirty Laundry or Oral Sex vol. 1 & 2 but I agree that is it way better than her latest album, El Disappointment.


    3. I Always Sing Live

      I Always Sing Live

      I quite like it. "Spy" and "Men in this Town" are such weird and funky songs but they're actual bops. The deluxe version spanish versions of the songs are really fun to listen to afterwards as well! :bang:

  2. I have no problem with artists doing tour bundles and I don't mind it counting for the charts but Billboard should also give us the numbers without the bundle.

    Just my opinion. :mj:

  3. Listened to Janet's The Velvet Rope today for the first time and absolutely loved it. Great songs, really cohesive, truly amazing... :feelingmyself:

    It was the first Janet album I listened to and I wanna know: which one should I listen to next? Rhythm Nation 1814? Control? :ponderney:

    1. fucknfurter


      Rhythm Nation 1814. :mhm:

  4. I heard Slumber Party on the radio today. It was on a radio ad, it was one of the remixes and it went on for like 40 seconds. :milkney:

  5. Spoiler


    Just seeing if Imgur works properly this way.

    1. ATWK


      It doesn't. :rihit: Does anyone know how to insert a imgur photo here?

  6. How do I bookmark a post? :ponderney:

  7. Will Cuca have longevity like Madonna or will she be a fad like Gaga? Discuss.


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    2. ATWK


      Why don't we have Gretchen emotes on this forum? :beyfedup: The woman has GIFs for every ocasion.

      Can you send me your Gretchen emotes please?

    3. SlayOut
    4. SexyJeans


      I need those gretchen emotes too bby 10migdh.jpg