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  1. Absolutely not. It probably would've been (a bit) more sucessful at the time but a 3rd teen-pop era would've ruined her career in the long run. It may not have looked like it at the time but Slave was an important moment for her career. It's like the old saying: "Sometimes you need to lose to win". Plus, Bombastic Love isn't even close to being the best teen-pop song on the Britney album.
  2. I'd be quite interested in seeing Exhale's reaction to that reaction.
  3. This. The fact that Toxic got a 7/8 for both song and artist is quite impressive and proves how iconic it truly is. Plus, it's quite rare for songs to get a perfect score - only like two or three songs got a perfect score on the 00s react. OT: All those teens were bopping so hard. But what else could we expect from a timeless classic like Toxic? Excellent streaming numbers, lots of recurrent airplay, always going viral and known by people who were little kids when it was smashing... Is there anything Toxic can't do?