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  1. Until earlier this year, I thought the Onyx Hotel Tour was a residency concert in a hotel called Onyx.
  2. 1. Britney 2. Shakira 3. Kylie Minogue
  3. Bebe Rexha tweets about Britney

    Was she hacked? Either way, she should've done a poll. It's more accurate.
  4. Yes. I know this is fake but...
  5. She's against fillered albums and she's still releasing cohesive bodies of work. Something about your statement doesn't add up.
  6. Still not a hypocrite because her albums are cohesive bodies of work.
  7. She said that the industry only focuses on quick lil singles and doesn't care about making cohesive pieces of work. She wasn't talking about side collabs, she was talking about people like Rihanna, who, at the time, were releasing fillered albums with few good songs in it. It's not hypocritical because her post-IASF albums aren't single collections, they're albums. She focuses on selling albums which is why she records visual albums and also performs album tracks on promo performances. In Beyoncé's case, side collabs =/= fillered albums.
  8. That's a whole another story and has nothing to do with being credited as a main artist. Either way, Perfect (Duet) is Ed's and Bey's song because they're both credited as a main artist. That's a whole another story. Her having or not having writing credits has nothing to do with Perfect (Duet) being her song or not. It's her song because she's credited as a main artist together with Ed and it's her #1 because of the previois reason and because her version is (or was) outselling the original version during the tracking period.
  9. If S&M (Remix) is considered a Britney song, then Perfect (Duet) is definetly a Beyoncé song and therefore it's also her #1.
  10. Her version is outselling the original and she's credited as a main artist, not a feature. That's why she got the credit. Billboard is crediting her for the #1 and, at the end of the day, they're the ones making the rules when it comes to the Hot 100, not you. And I'm not sure where you're getting with that last part. It's impressing the she can still get #1 singles after two decades in the industry. And, no, she won't take credit for credit for creating Nala. What a weak attempt at shade..
  11. She's credited as a main artist so it IS her #1. OT: This place is already seething and song hasn't even gone #1 yet. How will these bitches survive the Lion King era?
  12. PUH-lease. It could easily be the other way round too, especially in here. Beyoncé shops at Target = She's such trash. *followed up by a racist joke* Britney shops at Target = OMG. What a humble popstar. She doesn't build herself up like a God. Fakeyonce can't relate.
  13. Madonna: Pop’s Female Succubus

    I think you mean @PokemonSpears. I just posted a few links. But I agree. There's no denying her impact in pop music and I think calling her "[just] a more controversial Britney" is a complete underestimation of her impact and overall legendary-ness.
  14. Madonna: Pop’s Female Succubus

    I love Britney, but Madonna, sweetie, I'm so sorry... Anyway, get educated: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cultural_impact_of_Madonna https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Madonna_(entertainer)#Artistry https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Madonna_(entertainer)#Life_and_career