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  1. I mean, she doesn't forget about it but she probably doesn't think about it the way we do. Just ask yourself, do you wake up everyday and think about what happened to you 10-12 years ago? Probably not...
  2. If she released that today, everyone would be like "this sh!t is basic..."
  3. This excuse gets really old. "others do it, but they don't get dragged..." Maybe because other singers still do sing live the majority of the time! People here freak out if they hear Britney go "whoo" live...
  4. I get what you're saying, but my point is that if the goal is to show the world that she can actually sing, she would be compared to every other female singer out there right now...Beyonce, Adele, Ariana even Demi Lovato. Compared to them she wouldn't have a voice that's anywhere near as "smooth" or strong as theirs so the only reaction the general public would give is, "man, she can't sing.." or "she's nowhere near as good as everyone else..." Therefore, your plan to show the world she's a good singer would just fail. I think fans the GP should just enjoy Britney for what she delivers; catchy music with sex appeal. There's nothing wrong with that at all. People just need to stop wishing or hoping for something from her that just doesn't exist. You also forget that even when she came out, the general public did not think she was a good singer then either. So what makes you think people would see her any different now?
  5. It's easy to say that vocal training would "fix" her voice, but that's just simply not true. As people age, their voices change and for many singers who don't have a "strong" voice to begin with, the voice just doesn't keep those capabilities. Yes, Britney is/was talented, but even in her prime (late teens) her voice was not spectacular compared to the likes of other female singers (Mariah, Christina, Whitney, Celine, etc) so you can't expect her voice to be better or even close to what it was 20 years later. Britney just doesn't have a strong voice...I think what people need to do is just accept that and move on. This isn't a dig at Britney, it's just the TRUTH!
  6. Agreed! Britney's success was all about timing. There were plenty of girls before her but the innocent America's sweetheart look is what made her a success.
  7. The only thing that would prove is that she can't sing like she used to.
  8. Why would there be a leak? It's not like it was filmed.
  9. Why? So the world can boast about how Beyonce "saved" Britney's career?
  10. Exactly! I'm so nervous because the three albums she's released in her entire career (technically 4), have been perfection. She has a lot to live up to.
  11. Here ya go: https://itunes.apple.com/us/music-video/slumber-party-feat-tinashe/id1178082629 It's official too!
  12. Yah okay...unless that bullshit completely affects how people see and treat you, hence why nobody takes Britney seriously. The general public still thinks she's a medicated doll. But who cares right? Life is too short to respond to bullshit...
  13. Agreed! Her music isn't deep and is actually quite straight forward. That said, I'm not trying to take anything away from her music because the woman is talented and she can write a song. I would actually argue that Sia is probably more deep in terms of her metaphorical approach to songwriting.
  14. Once, Feb. 2016
  15. She's like the realistic and relate-able version of Taylor Swift...and she can sing her ass off. Taylor is a cutesy teen music writer whose idea of depth is talking about how she's allowed to stay up past 9pm and is gonna watch HBO after midnight.