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  1. Yes!!! BJ is such a basic album with less than a handful of quality songs, Passenger being one of them. I agree, Alien is like Rebellion, basic, boring yet people act like it's the most innovative song ever. I also agree with Criminal. She sings like a chipmunk on the verses and makes a song that's supposed to be serious sound so juvenile. Personally, my favorite song on Femme Fatale is Trip To Your Heart, not because of the vocals (they're auto-tuned to hell), but because the song just works from beginning to end.
  2. Dying wombat? Katy shows more vocal ability than Britney. Britney can't EVER sing on key and her control is atrocious. Not trying to hate, but come on, don't act like Britney's a vocal Goddess. Katy's voice is....interesting....but it's not bad and she holds her own.
  3. If I were her I'd be getting beyond annoyed with every interviewer asking me about Lizzie...
  4. So 100k+ people bought tickets for her tour but you find that worth downplaying? Isn't it safe to say that people going to her show are fans of hers so the fact that the album is included is kind irrelevant. I mean, isnt it more of an accomplishment that people bought tickets for her show?