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  1. Work Bitch Lyrics?

    I thought it was "lovin now" but you're the ones who know English here so... "lovin up" fits well.
  2. Bored of negative fans

    After reading some pages I feel confident saying that the main problem I see is that both, "britards/haters", always tend to drag each other and be mean. I've never understood why there's such an argument in every thread, if everyone was as understanding as they claim to be then anyone would have any problem stating his own personal opinion, but they aren't. It'sa cool thing "coming for" somebody, it's a cool thing waiting for that moment when someone says something to try to drag that person to hell. There's no need for such things and maybe we aren't that different after all @HairFlipQueen btw I liked your comments.
  3. Bored of negative fans

    And IIIIIIIIIIIIIII will always drag youuuuu It's a shame I came this late, but I'll probably have fun reading ^ ^