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  1. It's been pointed out before, but Britney comes across as a person who desperately does not want to be famous. There's endless things that could have been done differently but seem in retrospect to be somewhat intentional. If she's really happier than she's ever been right now, as many have lost interest in her, then it's no real surprise or coincidence. There's just an unfortunate dichotomy with her and her fans.
  2. In truth, you're right. There is a clear demand to see Britney. A silver-lining for her doing a new Vegas show would be that a new contract would force her to create an entirely new show (new costumes too). There is no excuse why she can't be creative, hire more challenging choreographers. Most professional dancers have had injuries just like Britney's all the time and have come back from it.
  3. Still, do that many people really have respect for Britney as a performer? I think she was a hard worker (Me against the music was her truly great choreography), especially at music videos, but she just doesn't have a legacy as a performer right now. As I contended, she was arguably the most impactful female music act of the 2000s but that is being lost because she's still performing (badly) As for the conservatorship, I recall seeing that Nytimes article saying she can seek a change in her conservatorship if she wants. The Nytimes article also came with a podcast saying that Californians are paying for Britney's Judge and his staff so there is argably a public interest.
  4. The fact is that Britney is someone who badly needs to retire from performing. When you look at P!nk's acrobatic performances over the last decade with LOVE VOCALS, they arguably make any of Britney's performances-PAST OR PRESENT look pedestrian. I have no doubt that some of the medications she's taken have affected her ability but that's all the reason it's time to retire (from performing). That Nytimes article from last year says that if she wants to seek a change in her conservatorship she can. She can move back to Louisiana- a much lower cost of living- still make millions off royalties from her ventures and live out her days there.