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  1. I wouldn't say Janet Jackson is her idol. I would say her primary idols are both Madonna and Janet Jackson. Let's not forget that she was heavily choreographed/manufactured back then. All those dance moves she was 'inspired' by from Janet were dance moves from choreographers, not the artists themselves. (Janet herself never even choreographed anything.) We really can't say she looks back fondly at any of it.
  2. All you need to know about that relationship is that Britney Spears started/created Justin Timberlake's solo career. Barbara isn't interested in his forgettable, bullshit flop single 'Like I Love You'. Why would someone ever say "I love you as a person" to a deep cheater? Of course he also said "And I promised to her not say why we broke up." That's enough evidence to show that Britney Spears created Justin Timberlake's solo career. And Britney opening for NSYNC means nothing because Justin Timberlake never even founded the group and her fame came from a music video.
  3. I MISS HER PERSONALITY !!! (video)

    It seems to me, for better or for worse, she showed real personality from 2003-2006. I cannot say 1998-2002 is real personality. Her persona comes across as highly controlled/manufactured/scripted.
  4. I expect her next Vegas residency to be her very last performances. There's no doubt her financial conservatorship has made her exponentially wealthier given how monitored by the courts it is/was, only allowing for intelligent people managing her fortunes. Given this, she doesn't need to keep performing past her early 40s (And she will still make some million from perfume sales alone.) However, I suspect her continued performing is done to pay her team as much as anything.
  5. Yes. People forget that there are two conservatorships: one personal and one financial. The later is managed by her father and lawyer Andrew Wallet. The financial conservatorship is absolutely excellent for Britney. People also forget that under her financial conservatorship, everything is strictly monitored. So there is no chance anybody can abuse it. There's really no evidence Britney is 'great' with money. It's not a matter of people (her father) trying to get hands on her money because it's in the courts. Every action taken is pretty much monitored. But her personal conservatorship is probably the one that is controlling.