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  1. Currentney looks amazing here
  2. Britney 20 Year Anniversary at the VMAs With...?

    She's not gonna do anything for the 20th anniversary. She will probably post a photo on Insta with a caption: "Can't believe it's been 20 years. Time flies." That's it.
  3. i am sorry but they r right. she looks not like britney at all.
  4. When will she release the first single off B10?

    I might be ok with that... Im so thirsty for a new summer bop!
  5. Ready for Sims the Superstar version
  6. I am really asking myself what Britney herself is thinking about these photos?! She must realize that she was heavily edited and hardly looks like herself anymore. And the fact that they touched up her lips ... like... does she think it looks better on the photos that way? And if that is the case - why did she do fun stuff to her lips in the first place? I am so confused.
  7. we wish https://ibb.co/fWT70H
  8. how do i upload a pic from my desktop to show u guys a preview ?
  9. I'm reading so many negative comments online about how she looks not recognizable it's so sad. she had so much work done on her face she doesn't even look like old britney. I mean we're used to her new look cause we watch her daily but for the GP she looks nothing like the Britney they know.