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  1. No it's the background singer . there is a instrumental version of sometimes with background vocals and you can tell these vocals are not belong britney. bomt album has a lot of background vocals that aren't sung by britney , I guess it used be the trend more than ever edit : I'm not talking about the part you mentioned in sometimes , talking about that in the last minute of song there are some high pitched vocals
  2. the pic caused me a neck pain
  3. no , she is a bitchy boss " do this and that , damn you Larry , you useless " I desperately want to hear that
  4. Glad to see people praising it . I always listen to it . The talking part is my favorite and she sounds really good
  5. f**k them all I hate close minded people
  6. but what if it's the old mouth and nose ?
  7. dont be sad , probably ( definetly ) her next records will flop too. we know what she does in promotion time
  8. she was singing live , I think nothing else matters about this performance
  9. outrageous is the cool song that you want people to hear when you're bopping it in your car
  10. Well I can hear some correction. If you don't , I can't help it. still good though
  11. well we know how bj and glory tanked so no chance
  12. This . Mtv always played Britney like this and some weirdos here and there still want her to perform at the mtv vma just cancel mtv forever brit
  13. I just believe what britney says so she sold 105 million albums