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  1. Yeah this is good as well DNA is kinda growing on me but it's still trash and there is too much jungkook in the mv which I hate I wanna see V more and more.
  2. btw the pre-orders of this album topped a million. they are the first group ever to achieve that
  3. I'M DYING FINALLY THE OWNER OF THIS FORUM TALKS ABOUT KPOP ! AAH I'M SO SHOCKED BY THIS anyway they hit number 1 at almost every country they are charting and it's crazy. and their youtube views are no joke . But I didn't like the song and mv since I've been waiting for this so long They should have come back with something like this : special request: please somebody open a general kpop thread so we can talk about our favorite groups/songs. that'd be awesome imo
  4. ban yourself right now it's her best album not the 3rd one .
  5. She is such a fierce btch in this I love it
  6. This cover is LIFE!

    I'd like to know the details about that backlash