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  1. Omg , the album will chart at #7 , this is so impressive Dna is the fastest kpop video to hit 50m views , this is also another achievement
  2. Anyone likely gets this success . What are u talkin about. It’s not like she is a huge flop or something. Of course she will get this at least I dont need to say more imo
  3. Too late for her . I love her , my favorite artist of all time but I gotta be honest . She cant be successful anymore She totally lost the Britney Spears factor. It was unreal as you guys know . Ask anybody if they care about her or songs , you will know the answer without hearing them , enough looking at them faces She should have stopped doing fun stuffs to her face. She should have sung live or prerecord. She shouldn’t have stopped dancing like we want to see there are so many reasons as said here and there , so yeah , I still love her but dont expect her to be the Britney anymore
  4. you wouldn't understand even if I told you. You should feel it. try SHINee first : this is the first song that had me listening to kpop I've watched, they're such legends
  5. I know it's not like bloos sweat and tears or not today but wacth their live performances or something else and you'll be liking it Focus on V , Jin and Jimin parts
  6. how come I did not see this thread? you guys knock down one of my fav group off all time ? fight me BTS is great and they make better music than some of the most popular artist from the us. Britney should find a way to work with them ( or my baby =SHINee) btw I didnt like DNA first but now it rocks! watch it now 5 DAYS - 47 Million views , we wish
  7. Queen of inspiration She inspired me to be an engineer she gave me a direction