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  1. I'm still crying I'm in denial I hate this cruel world
  2. I like the sometimes one. It shows her beautiful voice
  3. FROM 1999 with 666K views ICONIC

    she sang this really good
  4. So it's about my platonic crush at work . This boy has been working for like 3 months. He is good looking and manly like muscular /big. I was unaware of his existence . Because I was seeing a girl . Now I broke up with the girl and I felt very empty and then he caught my attention . All I do is thinking about him . I can't sleep and work properly. I'm trying hard to speak to him ( and it's generally about something nonsense because I'm too excited when I'm near him.) He looks someone like has no interest in boys. He is %99 straight. I know I can do nothing about this but is there chance of %1 ? I havent had a relationship with a guy before but I have this feelings. My parents also know about my feelings, they wouldnt probably support me but .. what I can do ? All I wanna do is hugging him and holding his hands UPDATE : I looked at his whatsapp profile pic . He is with a girl . I'm not shocked about it . No disappoinment here . But heart is broken . I want to cry so bad but I just can't. This is my fate I guess. I dont wanna accept it but there is nothing to do about it . I hate being myself . Sometimes I wish I dont exist.