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  1. The "Ranting, Venting and Getting It off Your Chest" Thread

    Awww sis just keep your head up and as long as you're not doing bad at work and not stepping on anyone's toes, you're fine. You shouldn't be feeling those burdens but I feel you, it's like they're treating us like rats and how they use other people to make their "work" easier. It's really hard also to be ethical most if the time because some people really get on your nerves when they keep on making you feel bad. And it's like we're on a double-edged sword. I encoded on my monitoring form that i was offended to one of the employee said that i'm going to buy their food. I was so pissed because I can't take it anymore that i'm like being used as something to buy for their wants and I said to one emoloyee that she is kinda rude. Then my instructor looked at my report negatively that I was rude and he said I am very arrogant. It's like he exaggerated what I've said when it wasn't that much of a big deal. Sis I hope that you'll have a decent job for your hard work and to be appreciated for it. We'll get through this sh!t and the people that pressures us. "If Britney can make it through 2007, we can make it through today"
  2. Radar (Blackout vers.) =/= Radar (Circus vers.)
  3. Compliment Yourself

    Hi me, I just want to say that I appreciate that you don't want to be following the trends because it's not you and you feel uncomfortable about it. But what's even worse is that you feel bad that you're not like the others. But please, just be yourself and do what makes tou happy because that's what makes you YOU. Idk if this is a compliment but I need to say this
  4. The "Ranting, Venting and Getting It off Your Chest" Thread

    LOOOOVE these kinds of threads I really am so pissed about a person when I had an internship these past months becuse she's like understimating me and makes me feel and look bad like bitch I'm not like you that is a heat-seeking parasite to other enployees just to be offered food. One time she was pressuring me to "help" her idk why. Even my other co-interns doesn't like her bc of her attitude and they stood uo for themselves. I just feel bad because I didn't say what i really feel and I just want to smack on her face everything what I don't like about her. But I feel bad when she's down tbh. And i hate the fact that I'm being nice to her like saying hi to her or goodbye. It just irks me and she was nice at first but what happened