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  1. Hope this helps and as long as you have learned and now know your limits hope you'll be okay as time goes by
  2. As long as it's not rushed and generic
  3. Can I have HD download link too please
  4. Goodluck!
  5. I thought I'll never find your comment. Liked! Btw I translated your comment and I saw: I've been following Brittany ever since
  6. A triangle with a circle inside
  7. You were last in Singapore almost 20 years ago. What do you remember and is there anything you'd like to try this time? That was so long ago (laughs). It was a little different last time as I was with my mum and it was my debut period then. I remember palm trees; it was interesting and weird. I never thought she would remember from years ago and will just say "it was cool". Slay!
  8. Ryan Higa mentions Britney sometimes like here
  9. And only both of them knew what really happened during 2010
  10. The Squad
  11. "Sh!t me baby one more time"