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  1. It jumped to number 31 it's one of the biggest entries Yess Ladies and GentleHunties THAT. SHE. DID. It's probably reaching top 10 and the song will have 50-60 million streams by the end of this month The song is GrowinG! in Europe,especially in Germany,Austria and Denmark You better stream this Xmas Classic,I wish her label would do something about this song to push it even more and make it one of the biggest Xmas songs.
  2. My only wish this year has entered TOP 50 Germany Spotify

    Yeeesss and the fact that this song is doing this well on this chart particularly along with all this CERTIFIED Xmas classics is telling you something!!!
  3. Choose the best flop fan moment

    When I was kid every pop girl on TV was Britney for me,...
  4. Boy , we come a long way

    And those are not even real muscles And I agree wit you, some bottoms are so messy and shallow, I can't relate (with two last things )
  5. Blind Gossip - She Only Loves Some Babies

    Tell us what happened
  6. Ed Sheeran and Beyonce's "Perfect Duet" On Track For Hot 100 No. 1

    Yes I do believe,idk why do you find it so funny since they are friends and Ed admires Bey like crazy,.. Ed even said he wants to "Despacito" Perfect and he did it with Bey.
  7. Retro is the way to go

    No they are not. We are repeating ourselves and our arguments at this point. I gave arguments to why I think FF is flop you gave yours why you think they are not. Let's not discuss this any further.
  8. Ed Sheeran and Beyonce's "Perfect Duet" On Track For Hot 100 No. 1

    Actually Ed and Bey are friends and Ed said he wanted Beyonce to be on the song sooo yeah...
  9. Retro is the way to go

    It's not even about Beyonce or her being flop or not or her tours I was just trying to compare or whatever. If Beyonce's next album for example sell as much as Lemonade did in 2 and a half weeks(in US) it's a flop. Britney's tour was sh!t and flop and Circus sold more in US in two and a half weeks than FF did to this day.
  10. Ed Sheeran and Beyonce's "Perfect Duet" On Track For Hot 100 No. 1

    Agree with everything but why are they racist?
  11. Retro is the way to go

    Yes "Britney" was huge drop and when you look at article's back then people were calling her flop. And no I'm not overdoing anything, I even said it was a flop but not a massive one. Beyonce released album in 2011 and it leaked weeks before its release stil sold more,or Pinks album next year or JT in 2013. Imagine Beyonce's next album needing 10 weeks to outsold Lemonades first week. Would that be a flop?yes it would. I don't even care if Britney flops or not but FF is a flop.
  12. Retro is the way to go

    No, it was a HUGE drop compared to her previous release,thats how you measure flopage.She did really bad compared to other pop girls in 2011.