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  1. What Do You Want For B10’s lead single

    Why are you guys asking for same sound she already did for her last 4 albums and then bitch about "no artistic growth"
  2. Me 2 https://m.imgur.com/a0RwbXl
  3. Timeline for Britney

    She'll do a sh!t DJ collab first Britney late to the party as usual
  4. Lol that's not happening. They don't waste money on her lol,record label is taking all the money from album sales until they cover their expenses. Also,since sales is down, record labels nowadays take money from everything artist do, tours,merch,streams,..everything.
  5. Sometimes I can't decide if you are for real or if you are brilliant,amazing,talented,show stopping troll
  6. Name of Britneys next album ?

    Don't care as long as they put this on cover
  7. Katy Perry - Hey Hey Hey

    "Marlyn Monroe in a monster truck" What the f**k

    1 year since Sam cheated on his woman to be with Britney? How you got it is how you gonna lose it Jk, I want her to be happy,and I'm trying really hard not to judge Steroid, I mean Sam
  9. Who's gonna name her next album?

    "Can't wait to get this over with tbh" Cuz she was like "can't wait to get this over with" when she was recording the album and when she was thinking about all the (minimum) work she'll do for the era