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  1. B army should attack

    Stop using MINE gif. bitch
  2. What hatred??? We, the Europe, are letting all those people LIVE in our country's safe and secure. Some of them don't even work, they have 400€ a month,not only that every muslim family has like 5+ kids so they got a lot of money from child support. But how are they returning everything that we have given them? Here's how : throwing away FOOD AND WATTER and saying they want MONEY NOT FOOD at Croatian-Serbian border. Jumping on cars and truck's in Hungary. Raping woman and destroying cities for New Years eve in Germany). Creating no-go zones in Sweden and across the other European countries. So yeah, blaming ISLAM for this is pretty fucking reasonable,just like it's reasonable to be afraid of the "religion of peace". Are you compering Islamistic terrorists group to western goverment. How stupid you have to be to say something like this. Islamistic terrorists are KILLING people BECAUSE OF QURAN AND ISLAM. WESTERN GOVERMENT never , NEVER killed anyone because of BIBLE or CHRISTIANITY YOU STUPID, there was never CHRISTIAN TERRORISTS.oh wait there was Crusades, but that was in 12-13th Century. Since then Christianity has went through various reforms and since then there was never war because of BIBLE or Christianity. About Islam? Islam is in war since 15th century when they invaded Europe, tortured people,force them to be muslims,raped woman destroy country's,killed male children,and took young girls as their sex slave's etc.
  3. 1.Christian's follow the example and life of Jesus(New Testament). So by that I mean Christian's obey New Testament. 2.so what,she didn't have sex with GOD you stupid ,she was virgin, Jesus was conceived through The Holy Spirit without agency of human. 3.Lilith was right, everything she said is 1000% correct. Mohammad was Killer,pedophile,rapist, and he still IS "example" for every Muslim 4. Looks like you Judge religion you know nothing about. Oohh,how I love when Muslim apologists attack Christianity and other religions just because they CAN'T defend Islam
  4. There you go, here's what beloved Dr.Zakir has to say about this
  5. Stream Fergie’s New Album ‘Double Dutchess’

    Ooh that reminded me of Glory,BJ and FF
  6. Oops I Did It Again World Tour

    Man she could do no wrong From BOMT to OIDIA to Slave to Toxic, from vma 00 to vma 01 to vma 03 and finally from OIDIA tour to DWAD tour to OH tour. I would sell my soul just to live during her prime I hate y'all lucky mutherfukers who got the chance to experience this perfection
  7. They want her dead, the literally want her DEAD because of STUPID IDEOLOGY. According to Kuran : if you decide not to be Muslim anymore, you HAVE TO speak only GOOD about Islam, if you say anything bad about Islam they have right to KILL you basically. DISGUSTING
  8. Nooo you raizist, Islam is religion of peace ..... ....my ass
  9. Why the f**k am I ignorant? I fucking know what is KPop and Bts and blackpink and other sh!t groups. All I'm saying is that I'm sick of fucking kpop stans SPAMIMG THE INTERNET WITH THEIR FUCKING sh!t(especially the BTS stans). f**k OF,,,, NOBODY CARES!!!!
  10. "Her mouth speaks from that which fills her heart" Luke 6:45
  11. I FUCKING can't stand kpop stans,why the f**k you have to bring your sh!t in everyone's face,wherever I go,whether it's some forum,or twitter or youtube, there are FUCKING kpop stans braging about their FUCKING faves and kpop. Nobody FUCKING cares,keep that FUCKING sh!t to your-FUCKING-self.
  12. Omg why does she talk like Brinty

    Am I the only one who thinks that she talks 100% like Britney Omg I can't