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  1. B-Army awards

    Is that the guy who exposed bbhmm or whatever his name was
  2. B-Army awards

    I nominate myself in: The very cool award,the I love it here in London award,the it just didn't work award,the womanizer award,the nose award and the Taylor Swift award
  3. B-Army awards

    categories: The "Very Cool" award/ award for fan of the year The "Scrapped" award/ for best expose party The"PoM" award/ award for best NA fan of the year The"BLIC" award/ for best Asian fan The Neyde award/ for best SA fan The "I love it here in London" award/ for best European fan The "It just didn't work" award/ for messiest fan The "Britney Spears sings Something to talk about 100% live! " award/ moment of the year The womanizer award/ best man The Femme Fatal award/ best woman The Alien award/ best one's inbetween The nose award/ best new male fan The lips award/ best new female fan The raccoon eyes award/ for shadiest fan The Sam Asgari award/ for hottest fan The Felica award/ for sweetest fan The TinashA! award/ fan to watch The Taylor Swift award/ biggest gain/los of reputation The Britney Spears award/ lifetime achievement award How does it work??? 1. Nominate yourself or other exhale members 2. Once we have nominees in every category and once the nomination part is over, PM me your votes,you can give 1(one) point in each category 3. The ceremony: announcing the winners Host: @Sidney Prescott's mother Performing: TBA
  4. Anyone know the reason why In The Zone flopped in the UK??

    It didn't flop it was certified platinum And outsold her previous album
  5. Watch || New Ig Video

    Time after time,True colors legendary bops
  6. Sam is film and driving

    No it's not,we can start thread about anything we want BUT it would be hypocritical to BASH anyone on something that your fav is doing HOWEVER nobody was BASHING Sam on this one,they were just discussing how dangerous it is to drive and film,that's not bashing lol. And even if they were hypocritical, people can be hypocritical and still have a point soo...
  7. Sam is film and driving

    He didn't even bash Sam for thisstop trying to stir sh!t
  8. My only wish this year has entered TOP 50 Germany Spotify

    Yeeesss and the fact that this song is doing this well on this chart particularly along with all this CERTIFIED Xmas classics is telling you something!!!
  9. It jumped to number 31 it's one of the biggest entries Yess Ladies and GentleHunties THAT. SHE. DID. It's probably reaching top 10 and the song will have 50-60 million streams by the end of this month The song is GrowinG! in Europe,especially in Germany,Austria and Denmark You better stream this Xmas Classic,I wish her label would do something about this song to push it even more and make it one of the biggest Xmas songs.