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  1. I think everyone feel the same. No one could expected that this fucking piece of sh!t would attack kids.
  2. WHAAT?! I live in the UK, I meet muslims everywhere I go and they aren't kind at all. They are really hateful (especially older women). She can hit you with a trolley and you have to apologize for it (saw it at ASDA). You say a few people? These few people killed hundreds of innocent people and what's worse ... these attacks are happening more and more often. For every single one responsible is muslim (except single cases like Breivik). So call me a racist and let these idiots kill more people, because they are so kind and love everyone. Good for you.
  3. How many innocent people must die before assholes like you understand that muslims can not live with others people? They got their own rules, do not care where they are. Allah and nothing else. Their religion is SICK AS f**k.
  4. Muslims are everywhere so nowhere and nobody can feel safe now. Its sad, but true. World just watching, and doing nothing. Fucking goat-fuckers. They should die before they are born.