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  1. I'm a Britney Stan through and through but I love avril. Under my skin is AN ALBUM. My fav song is 'Nobody's home'. Perfection. Her debut album is her best tho imo. Followed by UMS/TBDT (Can't decide)
  2. I actually love her Plus the red dress fits a No Seas Cortes music video....give it to us brit
  3. Where are the insiders???

    The legendary Chrisnay. Don't think he's been in since
  4. Rare Lossless songs collection

    Ahh, thanks I feel stupid now
  5. Rare Lossless songs collection

    What does flac and lossless mean?
  6. Glory +|- (Game) [Second Update in OP]

  7. Britney needs something big to make it back in the UK chart. A feature on a Calvin Harris song or something (don't attack me). Make me could have done well in america, but i feel it was doomed in the uk. I remember the day it released the biggest UK radio station (radio 1) played it. People texted in their opinions and some were read out. Literally 90% were bad, with someone saying could they release a version of just g-eazys rap (yes that's what the UK gp are like.... tragic) I never heard MM on the radio again
  8. Omg her 3 best concerts. You've been a Stan for life. Lol at seeing Onyx at 8, breathe on me must have been an experience I've never seen her, and all I can go to is POM....
  9. 3rd! Lucky you What where the first 2?
  10. seeing godney on New Years eve

    Happy for you! Is that her last show, if so that is a great date to go, I'm sure it will be different and special for the final show
  11. More new instas

    Umm ok brinny Cute dress tho
  12. So cute!! Plus slay that happy birthday acapella