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  1. I'm actually living for Israeliney She's coming back... my baby Now leak Rebellion But that response was pretty stupid. She could have at least stated "It's a mixture of my live voice and the original background vocals and harmonies." That sounds more legit.
  2. Yeah, why do you we do that to animals and babies?
  3. No you're not reaching. I'm sure EVERYONE has a different voice when speaking to an operator on the phone, to their friends, parents and authority figures. She's just addressing the interviewers in a nice and friendly manner... it's really subconscious. I don't think she's deliberately faking it. I always sound different to different people. Please tell me this is actually a common thing and I'm not suffering from multiple identity disorder or something. Like y'all talk with a fake voice to your foreign relatives who can't understand English too right?
  4. Britney, I love you. She has never started sh!t despite being picked on. She has always remained humble. As a woman it makes me sick (like literally in my stomach) to see all these wannabes fighting. I couldn't care less about the female artists of today. There's really something about Britney that is just bold. Even though she is portrayed as ditzy and we like to make fun of her, I always get a sense of determination or passion somewhere. Kids have it easy these days. She really has a beautiful heart and very few artists do. In a way I'm glad her prime is over, she left at the top and that's what we all remember her for - Exhell always comparing her to 2003ney She really belongs to the 90's and early 2000's and the great females of that time; the music industry is horrible today and I WILL NOT have you compare her to all the other little girls. You better recognise
  5. Girl aren't you an Aussie? Isn't it late there?
  6. Temptation has been exposed since December lmao when he posted a fake Downtown snippet and talked about Britney stuff being on the deep web.