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  1. E-mail My Heart OR if we're counting B-Sides, I'm So Curious.
  2. Interesting to watch, but proves money can't buy you happiness.
  3. I think it's important to note that Britney impacted the lives of a lot of people regardless of age, gender, and location. Though she's America's sweetheart, people from all over cared enough to let her be part of their lives. THIS is why she's one of the greatest. SHE IS the Madonna of OUR generation. Sure, people may joke about her, but she's a treasure and I'm glad he opened up his heart to her. She gave him some happiness. Britney IS our guilty pleasure... and y'all WILL be sad when she's gone. Life's too short. RIP again brother.
  4. They're both different when deeper. Christina is more melodic, whilst Britney is straight to the point.
  5. I play this in memory. Thank you for protecting your country... I hope the Heaven you're in now is peaceful than the pain on Earth.
  6. It's because in 2007 she was more than Britney the entertainer... she became Britney the character. It was like a TV show right in-front of us. 2007 = child custody, paparazzi, abuse rumors, split from Kevin, Star Magazine sh!t, Perez Hilton, wigs 2017 = Vegas, Instagram, Googled images, Sam Asghari See the difference? Journalists and the news industry NEVER care about the good, just the evil.
  7. In regards to being sexual, it's because she wasn't sexual like Madonna - Madonna owned it, while Britney would make excuses saying it's an 'act for stage' etc. Madonna did things deliberately because she was disgusted at how men could get away with it and admitted it. Today though, being hyper-sexual has become the norm. Is it in part due to Britney? Probably. But I think it's more so because younger people are being exposed to sex and risque material through the internet, hence the desensitization. I do agree that Britney's head shaving was an act of taking control against the men who controlled her though.
  8. I'm starting to make weird faces now when walking in the mall etc. Like walking past something unusual i legit did this today