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  1. any other young britney fans on exhale?

    I was 13 when I Joined now im 17
  2. any other young britney fans on exhale?

    Im also 17 my first memory is seeing her on tmz with a pink wig Are history is pretty much the same
  3. ... to deal with her zipper she powered though this performance despite her outfit nearly coming off she looked and dance coincidently and as a pop princess she knew the show had to go on
  4. She needs men choreographers all her best moves came from male dancers ( accept for those two gay boys from i am britney jean we wont spoke of those 2 )
  5. Worst interview look (video)

    Its the fluorescent lighting and the lack of a noticeable tan also combined with quality makeup
  6. Nothing but the truth in her new Instagram post

    I need receipts of cheating (dont mention jt thats a rumour) and about lying huntty
  7. I dont think it was a wig im pretty it was extension though and wasnt her bangs all secured to her forehead to hide a bruise she got while filming this video