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  1. Britney in 2028....

    Dont forget the deluxe edition Confessions on a dance floor: Happy Birthday Edition Featuring her new hit single "Happy Birthday"
  2. Britney in 2028....

    Gosh either she will take the jlo route and still slay the stage and look amazing or take the madonna route and look wrinkly but still wear leotards and lip synch to the line " i know I might be young"
  3. Thats chinese pronounced Wò meaning me... i took 3 years of chinese
  4. Britney Promo on Snapchat - UK Tour

    At least theirs a chance u will see her i live in usa and she being in vegas make it super hard and expensive to see her
  5. Britney Promo on Snapchat - UK Tour

    Its been 7 fucking years!!!!!!!
  6. It stopped making sense in 2017 the outfits went to sh!t the coregraphy went shitty her hair and makeup sh!t. It seems like after glory flopped she decided to also flop
  7. Did yall hear how happy and loud the crowd was about vegas the gp clearly must like her there and no lies about glory nobody cared because britney Britney and her team didnt make us care
  8. U want a tropical latin song?

    Can we keep despacito and all its recreations in 2017 . thank you