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    fucknfurter reacted to stev0726 in Apple Emoji - 4th Post in a row   
    It was SO difficult to notice, right? A random emoji that has nothing to do with the post, 4 different times? Sucks to be observant. I hate myself. SO EMBARRASSING.
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    fucknfurter got a reaction from Chaoscontrol in "She's 35!!!!! She's not 19 anymore!!!"   

    Is this a trick question?
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    fucknfurter got a reaction from Margaery in The difference...   

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    fucknfurter got a reaction from MmmDani in Find out your Blackout rank   

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    fucknfurter reacted to MANDIXMX in I’m turning in my stan card tonight, I cannot deal!!   
    Yeah its not expensive, well for LA standards. Though probably the oldest hotel i’ve stayed at and not very updated.
    I like staying at nice places when I travel, not here for motels or anything of the sort. No offence to anyone that does choose those though.
    Cruel Intentions pool scene was also filmed in that hotels pool. I swam in there knowingly. 
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    fucknfurter reacted to CashmereCat in Britney: Piece of Me 18/10/2017   
    Right?  There was a system.  POM is so unbearable to watch, I literally just skim through videos. 

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    fucknfurter reacted to Wiggle in The difference...   

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    fucknfurter reacted to Margaery in The difference...   
    Honestly I couldn't tell the difference
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    fucknfurter reacted to joe sp in The difference...   
    you forgot to change the other side of the mouth 
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    fucknfurter reacted to Brat2017 in The difference...   
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    fucknfurter reacted to Pedro Dantas in The "Ranting, Venting and Getting It off Your Chest" Thread   
    Dumb meltdown but here it goes.
    My grades are a disaster. I'm in 11th grade in a Languages and Humanities course - one of the easiest ones - and last year I had a 13,5 (out of 20) average. The course I'll likely follow is journalism and, if I want to get into the university closest to home, I'll need something like a 16. For me to ever reach that average I'll need to have an average 17/18 both this year and next year. I'm not understanding sh!t in class, I try to pay attention but always get distracted and I say I'm gonna study but I always find myself back in this place. I'm not sure wether I'll reach the 16 average and will probably be placed in a university far away from home. Which would be a nightmare...
    I have a History A test tomorrow. Wish me luck.
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    fucknfurter reacted to SlayOut in The "Ranting, Venting and Getting It off Your Chest" Thread   
    Omg I’ve been doing an internship as well and I feel so under-appreciated.  It’s unpaid, but I do the most to get there on time and truly work my ass off. While there’s no job guaranteed after the internship ends, I was almost hoping one would open up because everyone at the office likes me and the work I do. I almost feel like I can do my supervisors work better than him.  He comes in later than me most days because he decides to listen to music in his car, in the parking lot.  Like bitch you’re on the clock and just stroll in like it’s no problem. Additionally, there are days where he’s complaining about the work he has to accomplish, meanwhile I’m working my ass off doing my assigned tasks and sometimes the tasks he should be accomplishing for the project were working on.  Like I do a better job supervising myself and him, yet I’m not paid even a stipend to cover gas or food on the daily.  I was enamored with the position at first, and like the project I’m working on. But I’ll definitely never do an unpaid internship again, it’s truly ruthless (and unfair, in my opinion).  I better get good recommendations so I can land a job. The job hunt is a whole other story... 
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    fucknfurter reacted to mathewlovesbritney in BRIT’S NEW IG POST JUST NOW...   
    well that escalated quickly..  
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    fucknfurter reacted to AndrejBLV in BRIT’S NEW IG POST JUST NOW...   
    She's sleeping with her makeup!? Dear Britney, you are a women, please don't be messy and take better care of your skin! If your mama didn't teach you that, well somebody should!
    You are living in fucking L.A. for 20 years, stop being white trash! Sorry not sorry.
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    fucknfurter reacted to danielandbrit in SPOTIFY NON-SINGLE MOST LISTENED SONGS   
    They should have released a remix for this one... with someone spanish ahahah
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    fucknfurter reacted to Chaoscontrol in Serious question y’all. I need help.   
    I don't think iPhones can record a whole show
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    fucknfurter got a reaction from stev0726 in Britney: Back on stage tonight! See ya soon!!!!   
    And replaced it with a cheaper version (top wise) before that was destroyed, too.
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    fucknfurter reacted to anthony7226 in Nicki Minaj Never Said "I Made Female Rappers Mainstream"   
    She took a product already created by female MC's before her and passed it off as her own. So maybe she's half-right? Maybe she did manage to sell other people's works and images and create a more mainstream presence out of it. She's still a fraud, though. 
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    fucknfurter reacted to BoyToySoldier in P!nk Takes Us On A Journey Of Highs And Lows On New Album ‘Beautiful Trauma’: Stream   
    Posting receipts is annoying now? Go project your frustrations elsewhere thx. 
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    fucknfurter got a reaction from stev0726 in Britney: Back on stage tonight! See ya soon!!!!   
    And replaced it with a cheaper version (top wise) before that was destroyed, too.
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    fucknfurter reacted to PokemonSpears in Britney: Back on stage tonight! See ya soon!!!!   
    this wasn't just replaced with a leotard, she literally destroyed this outfit with scissors
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    fucknfurter reacted to Chaoscontrol in "I didn't think he was gonna go on Barbara Walters and sell me out"   

    Edit: was supposed to quote @fucknfurter, not sure what happened!?
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    fucknfurter got a reaction from Chris343 in New Britney Shirt   
    Oh my God.
    This is true. I just kind of wish they'd gone with an Ellen von Unwerth photo instead, or made this pink or something for this one. But, you're right. At least they're promoting her in some way.