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  1. I saw people talking about his dancing being off, but it wasn't bad? I'm not judging that area. I also saw a lot saying he sounds bad when I think he sounds all right. I like the layout of the stage and how he got to it, small as it might be. I like the Tennessee Kids, too. That outfit's a choice, but whatever. I think Tennessee Kids were the true stars of the SB, because that is some nice fretting/string work/etc. And I like the orchestra.

    I still stand by the Prince bit being a gimmick. And I get it, but it's a risky move, and I don't know if it paid off if the majority didn't like it. I will give it to the production crew in charge of the lighting for lighting his symbol up like that all around the stadium.

    Production values are good.

    And that kid was effin hilarious. :hahaha: (Edit: Really, Jordan? Effin? Why not f**king?) Overall.... meh. It wasn't bad-- he would have given this same performance five years ago, and people would have ate it up. The reason they're saying it's bad now is because it's fun to hate JT, which is why I wanted to ignore everyone else before I could see it in full.

  2. 5 minutes ago, LBoggie said:

    It was more of a tribute than a hologram; he basically sang with Prince during a projection of another Prince performance. But it was still unnecessary/random/out of place. 


    5 minutes ago, Diamond Horse said:

    I'll wait with my final opinion as well, want to see this s--t in HD :) But he did bring out the hologram yes


    5 minutes ago, Dark.Knight said:

    it was like a Prince hanging bedsheet :orangu: 

    pic here

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    :girlwhat: I mean... first of all, there's the fact that he went out of his way to drag Prince on Give It To Me and they never made up from that pre-death, and then there's also the fact that Prince was incredibly vocal about how he felt about hologram performances. Even if it was just a sheet that projected his image, like... Tacky.

    I don't know. I'm still trying not to really judge yet. But thanks for filling me in, y'all.

  3. 40 minutes ago, BOBIBCFBG said:

    what?! no they're not 

    Freddie absolutely is, there are people behind the scenes that he's worked with who have said it several times before. Sarah doesn't come off that way much anymore, admittedly. But as I later came back and said, once I saw why she was sending one to her-- Kim is being ridiculously petty about one simple tweet Sarah made years ago, so she's coming off like the arrogant one right now. Statement half amended.

  4. On 2/3/2018 at 6:24 AM, goincrazy4brit said:

    yes, but not everything that is well known consider to be iconic as well, so the definition of 'well known' as iconic is wrong too

    and for the record i believe that sometimes the fans are overreacting, for instance my brother or some of my friends, if i ask them about Britney they would tell me about the baby one more time song, the school girl outfit, the oops song, about toxic and (maybe) gimme more and perhaps about the head shaving (which is something that you cannot point out as iconic because it is remembered by lots of people for god sake:sickofu:, it was a horrible moment for her career and her personal life) they wouldn't tell me about the snake performance or anything else like that because they are not fans (so they don't search about Britney) and they didn't watch the vma's for once in there lifetime (and i'm sure a lot of the general people out there not remember the snake performance too, shame of them i know but this is the truth) BUT still the snake performance is ICONIC! 

    so the truth is somewhere in the middle i guess:sneer:

    Actually, the head shaving is iconic, because iconic DOES mean well known, good or bad. Something that shook people and made them talk. It doesn't mean something new or original-- you're thinking of innovative.

    And they would be one of the few who didn't remember the snake performance, in that case. There's a reason MTV keeps trotting it out whenever they need views. It's not solely because the Army remembers it, at all.

  5. 1 hour ago, Chaoscontrol said:

    Uhh, I've been a fan of Kesha since before the sex case, so that's just not true. And I have seen her live twice, the chick can sing. I agree the Grammy performance was weak, I even expressed that in the thread under Breaking Music News. But to say that she can't sing? Or make good music? 

    Not liking her or her music is one thing, but give her some credit where it's due. 


    Also, I'm not sure what song prevented Bad Romance from hitting #1, but any Kesha song is >>> than BR :smokney2:

    Tbf, that user is always dragging Kesha in some weird personal vendetta. Props for even bothering. :kesha:

  6. Just now, Spearsfan said:

    When we compared like this it’s makes us seem desperate imo

    Who cares who was more popular 20 years ago. 

    I had a Spice Girls bike so I will never drag them. I hope they actually reunite and make bops again :kyliecry:

    Exactly, it looks like the Army's desperate to try and compare her to anyone, and it's old. I'm sick of it.

    Plus, yeah, I'm not dragging the Spice Girls just to elevate Britney. They were who I stanned for before she came around. They have reunited, so fingers crossed we get some music out of it. :yesplease: