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  1. 2 hours ago, Spongbob said:

    I guess this flop fanbase has taste after all. Who would have thought.:mhmnod:

    In before someone's in here about "that glitchy flop mess", because I love Alien/its potential. :kyliecry:

  2. Circus, because I feel anything post-2007 should have been handled better. Britney should have been given actual time to recover, etc etc. Plus, she may still have the Britney "swagger", but she just seems so absent sometimes in that era. (Not compared to FF, of course, but I also feel that Circus was the catalyst for everything else, so.)

  3. I told myself I was done watching after All Stars 3, but I'm still watching. :britdrown: (Now I'm telling myself that at least I have something to watch while I'm waiting for Boulet Brothers' Dragula to return.) Its been a good season so far.

    But agreed on the Rusical part!

  4. Except I love WSIBS, so its honestly not me you're talking to and I see no point in reading further. No doubt, there are many here who absolutely feel this way and are apart of the 'less songs about sex' crowd for some utterly confusing reason I don't even think they get, but nah. (And yes, I already saw your reply to someone with a similar answer. I respect your opinion and the time you took to write it out. I just can't entirely agree.) If there was a healthy balance, then that'd be cool, but it's whatever. 

    We'll get a majority of songs about sex, sex, sex until she retires, so this is all moot, anyway.

  5. On 5/16/2018 at 12:08 PM, LostInAnImage said:










    (So I don’t get accused of being biased, all Beyonce gifs are actually from a Buzzfeed article entitled “47 of Beyoncé’s Absolute Best Dance Moves”): https://www.buzzfeed.com/mattbellassai/47-of-beyoncs-absolute-best-dance-moves-6z51?utm_term=.cykmJ9JxYz#.kdW4nZn0zQ

    @fucknfurter: I believe you’ll appreciate these receipts; while perfunctory they may be, I knew that with each added gif or video clip, the comparison would only become exponentially more laughable and eventually downright ludicrous. So in the interest of saving myself some time and Chance (and @breatheheavy...) the embarrassment, I kept it short and sweet. Amazingly, these few gifs alone were nevertheless sufficient in proving the overwhelming disparity between the performing ability of the two artists. 

    I mean, Glee had an entire episode dedicated to hairography based on Bey alone, claiming that it was what she was best at-- flipping her hair about to distract from the fact that her dancing and singing skills are limited. She's always done it, and you can even go back to Destiny's Child stuff and see that, no, she really cannot dance. She got better when she went solo because she pushed herself, and that's admirable, but pushing oneself still does not make a natural dancer. If she's going to be compared to someone, it needs to be someone who wasn't known for that particular skill set. (Which means that people should also avoid comparing her to Janet, too.) It's like comparing apples to oranges to me. 

  6. 14 minutes ago, hibiscus.berry.TEA said:

    I'm not heartless, I do think this is cute - but what the heck did Jayden say?  :slowdown:

    It's like he's mocking some foreign language? It made me laugh but I don't know why, maybe because Britney turned her head to him like "what are you doing?"


    It sounded like he was mimicking the Arrnold to me, but I doubt he knows the reference seeing as how old it is. But I do agree with falka; it sounded like he was just quoting something. I can't make out what it was, though.

  7. 21 minutes ago, ydmc said:

    But it still doesn't explain why they would do that.


    I agree with the fact that a lot of songs display Myah as a heavy background vocalist

    but I highly doubt and refuse to believe in the idea some songs display no britney vocals. It's just impossible and has no possible explanation.

    Because they thought they could get away with it, and furthermore, did? I don't know why. I know she was busy getting ready/rehearsing for POM at the time, and that I believe BJ was expected to be done within a span of six months.

    And I don't believe there's any song she's not present on at all. She's present, in some way, on all of them. It just shouldn't have been allowed that the background singer took lead way more than she should have.

  8. Ashley had (has?) Lyme disease. MK went through her eating disorder problem, as well as her drug problem, and then went under the knife when she really shouldn't have. I see a lot of talk of smoking being bad for you, and that's true, but so is doing heavy amounts of hard drugs. It takes a serious toll on your body.

    Altogether, a bad cocktail. 

  9. 1 hour ago, Rope Bunny said:

    It's not strange, back then before the "Internet" there were a lot of network types using different protocols that were limited to some degree depending also on what they were used for.What you know as Internet was their attempt to merge all those different networks under one.The "Internet" wasn't something new, it was essentially a method to connect all the different network methods and/or replace some of them with new ones which would be far more efficient.
    Before the Internet, those networks were limited to military and universities.Computers and (local) networks existed in universities and they were of course accessible to researchers,students etc.

    These people were at uni. Not involved in the government or rich. And judging by the codes in their chat they were using Usenet newsgroup which was created in the early 80s.

    Ah, uni. Now that does make more sense.

    Thanks for the explanation!

  10. 6 hours ago, Rope Bunny said:

    Actually wrong.The "internet" you know was introduced to the general public in the 90s but it was actually long before available in smaller networks for government, universities etc (Arpanet.) It wasn't a forum like the ones we know for sure since obviously back then browsers didn't exist, but it looks more like a limited local network "chat" (it would look like what emails look like) between people and apparently their conversation was abt Madonna.I see on that "forum" certain codes like UUCP which was a protocol used back in the 80s in limited networks for exchange of files or emails etc.To my understanding it actually looks like a limited (local) "group chat" between people.It doesn't look fake and if it is fake then someone went through a lot of trouble to fake codes and events from the 80s for one harmless madonna discussion :)   

    I knew it was available to the military and government long before us, yes. I meant specifically, the general public. I mean,..... I guess, I just.... that's so strange. So would these people have to have been involved in the government, or just very rich?

  11. 7 hours ago, If U Seek Me said:

    Is this a joke? :umomg::britdrown:

    :hahaha: A Brittany/Brittany spaniel is a breed of dog, so I suspect really really cool guy found Brittany (as in the breed) fans and their merch.

    Still would take all of it over that tour club shirt.