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  1. On 2/9/2018 at 11:43 PM, SheAlreadyKnows said:

    Do B team know we know the BJ fiasco?


    4 hours ago, Iexpectyouto said:

    yes. fans were talking about it as soon as the album dropped, and when the stems/demo (not sure which) for passenger leaked, many media outlets started reporting on it. they did damage control, released a statement saying britney obviously  must be singing on her own album, and took myah's name off the credits for the songs on the album that had gotten the most attention, including passenger. 

    unfortunately, some outlets reported that it was perfume where myah's vocals had been pushed to the front, which is really tragic considering that was one of the few tracks that was britney, people just werent used to hearing her natural voice. 


    But to be honest, the biggest proof that they know for certain that fans know-- Myah is nowhere to be found on Glory. That's kind of all the proof one needs, tbh. Whether that was their way of a silent confession, or just making sure the same thing didn't happen again, it's at least proof that they know the Army knows.

  2. 1 hour ago, LisaJane said:

    That "the older I get the more I understand Britney's 2007 meltdown" meme really bugs me. I feel like no-one was understanding about it at the time but 10 years later people are finally getting it?!? What took them so long? 

    Thank you! I can't stand that being a meme.

  3. -- Mispelling her name (Brittany, Britany, Brittney; I've seen them all.)
    -- Asking if she's still bald
    -- Asking if she's still crazy
    -- Trying to get me to justify why I like her/her music (Why do I have to explain anything? Are you going to give me an essay back on why you like Twenty One Pilots?)
    -- This one, I admit, is petty, but sometimes when a meme features her or is about her and gets really, really popular, I'm guaranteed to have twenty different people tag me in it. I feel bad for complaining, though, because the thought is nice and what counts.

  4. Okay, but y'all realize her roots are in bubblegum pop, right? Why would you want to curse her into doing that, especially when that was 100% Jive and not Britney's choice at all? Do you want another FF era where she completely checks out again? Not to mention, half of this forum pretends like BOMT and Oops doesn't exist. They'll support it less than they do her current stuff. :sassybrit: 

    Maybe one or two songs, but to revamp her entire act as bubblegum or dedicate an entire album to it... God, no.

  5. Y'all need to move the f**k on. I don't care which side wins or which one y'all think is singing: move on. Britney Jean is a stain on Britney's discography either way, and that's the real tea.

    Go listen to Glory or one of her albums that isn't a total embarrassment, you'll feel better. :arianabye:

  6. 4 hours ago, Pinky98 said:

    What is it with Americans and knocking down perfectly good buildings just because they’re ‘outdated’.

    im from the uk and all of our outdated buildings are now classed as beautiful and untouchable such as castles, Houses of Parliament, churches, etc.

    also, I’m living in a house from the 70’s, most of my town consists of 1910’s houses. They’re all perfectly fine with no mould issues :indulge:

    See, that's how it sort of goes in the state I'm in, sort of. Anything downtown that's old is labeled as historic and cannot be touched; but out in the country, it's anyone's game and eyesore suburbs are everywhere, and older houses and wooded areas are torn down to make room for the ugly things. Still, I would think those houses in the Hills would classify as historic, too, but... oh, well.

    I just don't like the housing/real estate market, tbh. :useeingthis:

  7. 1 hour ago, Godney's Sweet Ass said:


    Does this mean Boxing Day is not a "thing" in the USA? I never knew this! 

    Nope, it's not. The company I worked for celebrated it (it's the the only sale they ever do, the Annual Boxing Day sale at Lush), but it's because they're a UK company. Most customers would ask what the heck Boxing Day meant. :idgi:

  8. 2 minutes ago, JustLuvMe said:


    It’s weird that she convinced Brittany to get a will before her death that excludes her husband. Then her husband mysteriously dies shortly after but the mom was living there too and she didn’t get sick :ponderney:

    A lot of her mother’s actions are questionable :ponderney:

    Holy s--t, it was her father who accused her mother? :omg:

    That is all very questionable. And some of these details are new to me. Wow.... I'm completely shook.

  9. I was going to say, "So they gutted it and remodeled it?" but.... that's not even the same house. Wow.

    I get why they would do that, considering I think both Brittany and her husband died in the house (I saw someone last night say it was mold, but I've heard pills), but... aw. :( I liked the old one more. The new one has no personality.

  10. I do remember, actually. I remember it going viral and the GP linking it everywhere. I also remember the Army on Tumblr just ignoring it all and posting a lot of acoustic fanmade stuff and stuff of her stripped vocals/clips of just her singing as a way to try and say no, she can sing. Not sure what y'all did here or how Twitter reacted, though.

  11. I mean... if it works, then hey. I'm indifferent on the guy. :ohdeah:

    7 hours ago, really really cool guy said:

    So it will be a real tour? Not like the asian tour. She'll have an opening act, designer outfits and props :groovin:

    Careful, sis.... :lessons:

  12. 6 hours ago, CashmereCat said:

    I always like a good remix / mashup.  One that's true to its term.   Some of these mashes/remixes I hear on Youtube sound like dookie sometimes cause they don't put enough preparation or patience into it.

    I can be iffy on them because so many try to make songs work together that don't, but I generally agree. A really good one like this, that's cohesive and done well, is worth it.

  13. 12 is forever her best POM costume, until she cut it to ribbons (RIP), and I had a really hard time on the worst because so many are bad towards the end of the list. Ultimately I went with 22 because those two pieces just don't go together, its such a bad mesh. (I know, I can't believe I didn't vote for one of the VS knockoff pieces or the cheap Kisses ripoff, either.)