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  1. 4 hours ago, Spearsfan said:

    How have you not seen at least one of Star Wars? I can understand the others but :wyd:

    I've intentionally avoided Star Wars, so count me in there, too. I just have no interest. :yaknow:

  2. 2 hours ago, vnisverx said:

    Again, we're allowed to have opinions, and there's no better place to discuss opinions than on a Britney Spears forum versus public comments on Twitter or Instagram. Also, I love her [cosmetic-surgically modified] face, just not her cheap makeup.

    Oh, really? That's funny, because if you criticize her performance skills or her career choices here, you get labeled a bad fan and told to go elsewhere. What makes them so special that they can criticize something that cannot be changed, without being called out for it? Sorry if you guys don't like it when the shoe's on the other foot, but I'll continue to call you out for your sh!t.

    I was specifically talking about the surgeries; not her makeup, not her hair, not her costumes or clothes. I haven't the faintest clue what you're on about, but unless it pertains to her surgeries, my comment was not towards you.

    Also, it's actually a rule that you cannot bash Britney's appearance, so try again. :whitney:

  3. When I worked at Michael's (a hobby store where my main section was the glitter aisle), this wasn't optional. It was mandatory. :hahaha:

    1 hour ago, falka said:

    I'll pass on that, :mattafact: it's colon scratching thing 

    Edible glitter exists. ;)

  4. 36 minutes ago, Britneyisfire said:

    Are we supposed to be excited that there will be a picture of her with a racist? The internet is gonna drag her for this. 

    That only proves that the internet chomps at the bit to slam anyone, since it's common knowledge that anyone can get a M&G as long as they've got the money. It's not like Britney can pick and choose.

    14 minutes ago, SlayOut said:

    This tbh in all honesty. :cinderellaney: I’m not trying to be shady I legit don’t know of this person... I think :lemmetellu:




    I should add that's not the only incident that's happened with him; he does it regularly.

  5. His voice threw me off so badly in the beginning. Like, I knew I was looking at Eminem, but his spoken voice made me :girlwhat: And then he started freestyling and I went, "Ah, there we go."

    As for the freestyle itself-- is he wrong? :urite: It makes me happy that he's going after someone worth going after, tbh. That last bit about not wanting Trump supporters in his fanbase... I clapped.

  6. This is so stupid, my rant/vent, but here goes--

    I'm in a Rocky Horror shadowcast, and I'm basically in charge of everyone. Technically I'm only in charge of the Transylvanians, but I guarantee that come the night of the Ball, I will be in charge of the entire backstage. Now here's the problem: we haven't rehearsed at ALL yet, and the show is on the 28th. Not to mention, we have cast members who like to act like they're in charge and are inevitably pissing off older members, who are contemplating quitting. I have new Transylvanians who have not practiced at all, and who will not be available for rehearsals until the week of. And so when the night rolls around and we're ill prepared and we SUCK, and people bitch about it, my name is going to be attached to that. If I was a less professional person, I would quit. I'm not getting paid for this sh!t, I'm legit doing this because I love Rocky Horror so much: but I really don't want to see how much of a trainwreck this is going to be. I just... wish they would give a sh!t, and not just two weeks before it all happens. :meltdown:

    My second rant's actually more of a worry: I have a lot riding on this other (unrelated) party succeeding, because if it succeeds it means that I might get a job as a party planner/organizer, and tickets to this thing are selling well as far as I know. But I'm scared shitless that some inevitable thing is going to happen to prevent me from my part happening. I just really don't want to go back to the trade I was in, because it sucks SO much.

  7. I clicked having only seen the title, and thought you'd be a new member who got the Britney sub forums and the Intro sub forums mixed up. :lollipop: But I like Ooh Ooh Baby.