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  1. 7 hours ago, Chaoscontrol said:

    Currently enjoying our first snow fall of the season, so happy it happened to fall on my day off. Anyone else enjoying the snow today? 



    Weirdly enjoyed it yesterday, lmao. (Weird because I live in the South and if it happens, it's always in January or later.) I'm glad it happened on your day off!

  2. 8 minutes ago, Chaoscontrol said:

    And exhale will probably celebrate this as if it was an accomplishment:weirdmeout:

    I know. :beynah: I hope she makes the raccoon eye makeup bigger/even worse in response, tbh. (I don't really, but it'd be earned.)

  3. 25 minutes ago, cheri said:

    i used to be really bad about it in my teen years, had to have E V E R Y T H I N G by artists i liked. im still kind of like that but the impulse has improved. although admittedly, mostly only because i'll run out of space :notreally: i have so much merch. recently i got a siouxsie and the banshees boxset and it's actually fucking huge mj3.png it's the same with books, thank god for ebooks and sh!t now especially bc i tend to read a lot of trash books that take up space (playboy memoirs etc) mj3.png


    I was the same way. A lot of my stuff is over at my in-laws house because we just don't have room where we're living now, it's smaller, so I'm trying to be good and not go overboard anymore. (Thankfully, this month is now a priority, so I have too many others to focus on buying for, lmao.) And oh, my God, I love Siouxsie and the Banshees! But holy sh!t. :hahaha: And also same! I had to make the switch just so I'd stop buying more books to clutter up our house with.

    26 minutes ago, BoyToySoldier said:

    I basically just keep them all in a drawer, resealed and mint. I rip them in lossless format onto my laptop and sync my favorites to my phone. I get the same sound quality and a lot more efficient portability. :jamout:

    See, I want to do that, but I need to get a better phone with more space. I have my Amazon music library there, but not all of the music I have on my computer. So I may try just storing the physicals away when I get more space, lmfao. :hahayea:

  4. 27 minutes ago, cheri said:

    i STILL do this and it drives my boyfriend insane but i justify it by being like "at least i put them in the case now" :bang: it's worse when we're trying to watch a series, like we just started rewatching the sopranos and the 4 discs are everywhere because of me :bang:

    that's AMAZING tho, and im glad you've been replacing them slowly but surely!! i saw the bad apples patch at a small little band store recently, badass, ugh i just want all band merch possible, im such a fucking hoarder and obsessive about this sh!t :jamout:

    :hahaha: Oh my God. I'm just like, "hey, it's a nice little surprise every time you open a case!" And I'm laughing so hard, I did that to Buffy. Season three was in season six and so on.

    Thank you!! And right?? I love it so much. And I am, too. I have a thing about band merch/artist merch/really just merch, lol. :hahayea:

    25 minutes ago, BoyToySoldier said:

    Omg @cheri @fucknfurter how could y’all? I am so anal with my CD collection. I open up a new one, rip it into my computer and then put it back in the case and reseal it with a plastic sleeve. And it never comes out again. :mcorangu:

    :omg: I could not be that anal about it. I try to be with my favorites, I really do-- but especially with my CDs, I'm usually in a hurry to switch them out when I'm listening to them, because I'm driving, and then I never take the time to put them back in the right place when I'm done. Yeah, basically-- also a mess. :dontcare:

  5. 1 minute ago, cheri said:

    soon is never huh


    that's awful :( especially since that sort of stuff has so much sentimental value, im sorry about that. the postcards especially sound fucking amazing to have. i know it's not the same but i hope you got around to replacing some of the content at least?

    my original itz cd is fucked, it has that weird cloudy sh!t that gets on the disc u know? haven't gotten around to replacing it, actually have a lot of older cds that have fallen victim to this, i didn't really take care of sh!t like that when i was younger :weusay:

    Thank you. :hugs: They were. Some of them had the band as skeletons from the Illusions stuff, one was the Bad Apples skull art. I've been slowly replacing them over the years.

    Ahh, that's what happened to my Britney cd, yep. I didn't, either. I also used to have the habit of putting a disc in any case, so I never know where half of mine are anymore. :hahaha:

  6. 16 minutes ago, cheri said:

    yeah! but for some reason the second edition is fucking hard to get, i hate having 1 dvd and not the other, ocd like that, then i lost some sh!t while moving and both illusions were among that mix so i only just now got a copy of the second part. mj3.png

    the "just another fucker in a band" shirt is awesome too i actually tried to find that one for a friend but the designer (disturbia or something) didnt have it up for sale mj3.png

    I'm the same way, so I get that. is it really, though? Wtf? And that's fucking awful. :( I lost a lot of my Guns postcards, posters, and shirts I used to have, but I would be so pissed if I lost the Illusions albums. (Technically, I kind of have, because the first one's stuck in my husband's stereo with no hopes of coming out okay because he's messy. I lost ITZ that way, too. I have a lot of albums I need to replace.)

    Yes, it is! And aw, man, it's such a badass shirt.

  7. 1 minute ago, cheri said:

    ah! funny u mention that because i actually had trouble buying the second illusion dvd a few yrs back, i bought it online like a month ago tho. maybe it's a regional thing. so u mean they're both just the one dvd now?

    + yessss! nobody knows im a lesbian is one of my favorite shirts he's worn mj3.png

    Ah, so it is two DVDs like the tapes were? I'm not sure-- I still have my tapes, tbh, and if I want to actually watch the show I go to Youtube or I stream it. So... lazy and cheap, lmao. But yeah, that's what I meant.


  8. Just now, cheri said:

    that NIN sin shirt god i love himmj3.png

    Ohhh my God, this show brings back memories; I used to have both of these as VHS's (I think it's only one DVD now; I've only updated my Makin' Fucking Videos trilogy DVD-wise because I'm a :flop: ) and I wore them out from watching them so often. That shirt is amazing. A lot of his shirts on the Illusions tour were.

  9. 43 minutes ago, cheri said:

    she hated bombastic love bc it was childish so it's safe to say she hated cinderella bc cinderella is literally the same sh!t, even more childish actually. britney hates the old songs she did w/ with max martin, it's obvious. she even said she doesn't like oops, didn't she? imagine releasing a mature song like slave and then recording a song like cinderella :tiffcackle: fucking trash

    not to mention she dropped max's ass after the britney album when she was in the early stages of itz (2002) so only a year later.

    I love both songs, but this is actually true. (But tbh, I also see That's Where You Take Me as in the same ballpark as those two.) And I agree with @ShowdownITZ that both should have been on Oops, so Britney could be the more mature album all around.

    And people want Max back. :nochillbrit:

  10. 4 minutes ago, Diamond Horse said:

    This is a good song, even though I think it is just the kind of song that doesn't show her vocals in a good light?

    But I do love the distinctiveness of her voice. When I was in love with her voice I called her the voice of home :gloria: 

    I kind of agree. I think her vocals work for the song because they're not too much and add a simple sweetness to some already killer instrumentals/production, but I definitely wouldn't say this is a song that showcases them, no.

    And omg, awww. That's cute! :tiffanynod:

  11. 1 hour ago, PokemonSpears said:

    I prefer to take things separately, I'll never understand the obsession of putting it all together, and having to bite and chew everything at the same time.

    I get that. I can only eat one portion of a meal at a time, and I hate when they touch on a plate and mix. I'm a pretty picky eater, myself.

    And I also... don't like rice. Sorry, y'all. :woopsie: I got burned out on it as a child, and now I can't stand the texture.

  12. 3 hours ago, Cappycorn87 said:

    Glory worked very well and was a well recieved album

    Would you folks stop speaking like Selena Gomez is a big name or something

    She has a little success at best

    They're not speaking like she's a big name, they're speaking like her album inspired Glory. Because it did. Even Britney admitted that. Are you calling Ms. Spears out, too?