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  1. 8 minutes ago, Chaoscontrol said:

    I had to google that:tiffcackle: 

    but I like it, Exhell should take notes:mattafact:

    Yeah, it's a (shortened in the manner I used it) form of "to each his own", more or less. I prefer the Latin because it makes people go WTF. :lanacackle:

    Amusingly, I was going to note that it wasn't something done here often, so agreed. I still don't understand how people don't get that music is subjective to begin with and isn't a topic that can be debated fairly. At least not in a serious manner. But it's kind of an 'everyone does it' thing, so I can't just hold Exhale accountable there.

  2. 2 hours ago, vnisverx said:

    Again, we're allowed to have opinions, and there's no better place to discuss opinions than on a Britney Spears forum versus public comments on Twitter or Instagram. Also, I love her [cosmetic-surgically modified] face, just not her cheap makeup.

    Oh, really? That's funny, because if you criticize her performance skills or her career choices here, you get labeled a bad fan and told to go elsewhere. What makes them so special that they can criticize something that cannot be changed, without being called out for it? Sorry if you guys don't like it when the shoe's on the other foot, but I'll continue to call you out for your sh!t.

    I was specifically talking about the surgeries; not her makeup, not her hair, not her costumes or clothes. I haven't the faintest clue what you're on about, but unless it pertains to her surgeries, my comment was not towards you.

    Also, it's actually a rule that you cannot bash Britney's appearance, so try again. :whitney: