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  1. Just now, A.D. said:

    Her choreography isn't impressive, that I agree with. But it's fun to watch on stage and much better than her early routines but even 2016ney surpasses her in terms of versitality. Beyoncé could never do this:


    Agreed. I just can't believe her fanbase came for Janet's when Janet is one of their idol's inspirations. Of Bey's stage show, the dancing is the weakest point. She knows how to keep it entertaining, but it still is the weakest point. They really need to stop coming after other entertainers/artists in general, but that's one subject they've got no right to take shots at anyone else for.

  2. 5 minutes ago, A.D. said:

    I haven't seen as many pointless threads bashing her or certain bitches calling her "Bey-boon" so either the mods have done something or people have grown :mhm:

    P.S. - I wasn't meant to come out as aggressive so forgive me if I went overboard, just sick and tired of Beyoncé bashing...like, she went to POM and all :verycool:

    True. And no, you didn't, lol. It was understandable, I just didn't have much to say because ultimately I agree.

  3. Just now, A.D. said:

    I wasn't asking anyone to feel bad for them, let's not forget those racist remarks they made to Britney saying that a "white girl should not be reviewing Lemonade" :forkit: HOWEVER, people need to realize there's a huge difference between that demented fanbase and Beyoncé. Bey herself is a hard-working woman who does her best to expand her target audience hence why she's still vastly sucessfull to this day. She's not settling for playing safe and sound and is willing to push the envelope. It's normal to feel jealous that she's doing way better on the charts these past few years than Britney. That being said, making nasty remarks about her skin tone or accusing her of having faked a pregnancy or being a horrible mother to Blue Ivy like some members here have done it is stooping to the same level of the Hive :byebitch:

    Well, agreed there.

  4. 4 minutes ago, A.D. said:


    I love Beyoncé but it's so sad how one of the best artists currently out there has such a hateful and aggressive fanbase :byebitch:

    Still doesn't take away the fact the Army needs to stop treating her as if she's disrespected Britney the same way JT or X-Tuna have :angietea:

    You know the Army goes after her because of her success, though. I feel marginally bad for my judgement on Bey's dancing compared to Janet's, hence why I said I had to stop, but the Hive are obnoxious and lose her fans in the long run with their sycophantic, militant behavior. I'll never feel bad for ragging on them. :mhm:

  5. Just now, Spearsfan said:

    How is the word 'sin' a curse word though. It doesn't make sense....


    There was a lot of controversy swirling around 3 for all of the lyrics. I remember it being such a hot topic that it was discussed on either Extra or Access Hollywood, but for the life of me I cannot remember why the "livin' in sin is the new thing" line stirred so much crap. I believe it was because of the religious types insisting it was her taking a stance against God.

    Yeahhhh..... :awks:

  6. Just now, SexyJeans said:

    3 didn't use sin tho :wannadie:

    That was before the change, though. There was a shift somewhere down the line, I guess around the time MTV and music channels on television became irrelevant, where they stopped censoring songs on Youtube. 3 was in the middle of the change. (My friend bitches about them censoring 'sin' in 3 all the time, side note.)

    They left the 'sh!t' in MM, though. (I had to go watch that video again to make sure I was right, but they did.)

  7. 5 hours ago, adrenaliner said:

    First 90 % of exhale wants Slayer Party as second single, Britney releases it and she gets bashed :meltdown:

    Because Tinashe ruined the song, or there's no new elements, wahhhh..... (No, she didn't, and they had more than fair warning that she would take the second verse. Not to mention most were whining before about the song's vibe being changed and how they'd prefer the original anyway. I'm being sarcastic here.) People here just can't be pleased, so I take this classic gif's attitude to their negativity:


  8. Dr. Frank N. Furter = the main character in the Rocky Horror Show/Rocky Horror Picture Show. (Also the person in my avatar.)

    Frank's favorite activity = sex.

    Frank's name + his favorite activity = fucknfurter, a pun playing off of his name. It's also my blog name on Tumblr, so I tend to use it everywhere because it was one of my cleverer moments.