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  1. 3 hours ago, secondgeneration said:

    From what i have read he came out saying her family pushed her to comeback too fast you dont get upset if its someone who care about. I agree with the poster who said he was the only one who got Britney . Maybe Larry was the one who pushed for her to fire him because he wsnted complete control and say so. Well he got it until she met Kevin,  at that time he lost control of her. 

     Thats why she fired him shortly after. I dont know just my opinion what do u think, could i be on to something?



    :truthtea: You are, but we already know this about Larry. We also know that he has no idea what to do when it comes to promoting his artist at the correct time or helping her career/music evolve. So....


  2. But the song doesn't say, "When he f**k me good, I take his ass to Red Lobster-- and then I grope the waiter's genitals in an unsolicited manner between cheese biscuits." Is that the best Trump supporters have got? Really? I don't even care that the point was the "language on the bus", everyone knows what Formation is about. This sh!t show keeps getting funnier and funnier. (And lmao at Bey being 'rap music'.) :embarrassney:

  3. 1 hour ago, OutrageousMoi said:

    RIR in Lisbon was this year, I guess? :rude2me:

    But you're right about RIR in Vegas next year. The thing is that RIR's twitter (Brazil) followed her, and a LOT of people are asking them to bring her next year on social media. Plus, the rumor that they're negotiating with a pop star is for RIR Brazil, not Vegas or Lisbon.


    I'M NOT EVEN FROM BRAZIL AND I WANT IT TO BE IN RIO DE JANEIRO (Lisboa would be cool too, but yeah, it was this year)


    Not getting anyone's hopes up but my own here. Worth the meltdown I might later have.

  4. 1 hour ago, OutrageousMoi said:

    Rock in Rio's official twitter just followed her and there's a rumor going on that they're negotiating with a pop star!!! 

    Aerosmith is already confirmed! After all these festivals she'll be doing this year I wouldn't doubt that she would agree on doing RIR.




  5. I'm an INFJ, which is the one that can come off as incredibly extroverted, but is extremely introverted. I know when I've reached my limit of being around people and have to go, "All right, everybody go away or let me go somewhere quiet to wind down."

  6. 9 minutes ago, nonoiseplz said:

    Maybe my siblings and I were different but we preferred it when the power rangers weren't wearing suits and storylines focused more on their personal lives. We argued and verbally created our own fanfics / couples . Rocky and Kimberly were mine . :feelingmyself:

    :uknowit: Lmao-- I did that, too. Mine was Jason/Kimberly. 

  7. 2 minutes ago, nonoiseplz said:

    I am going on opening day!!!  Though, my favorite ranger was Rocky( the 2nd red ranger). I  hope the 2nd movie introduces Tommy and ends with the death of Zack, Trini, and Jason.  This way they can add Rocky, Adam, and Aesha in the 3rd movie.lol

    I just watched -- I'd only seen the promo pictures and heard about it -- and you weren't kidding, they went totally badass for this!! I'm so happy about that. (I also like that this teaser only teased the suit and that they're not showing them in full yet trailer wise.) I was always a Kimberly fan. :cuteneylaugh: But I loved Jason because he was so cute. I loved Rocky, too! I'd be down for that, I think it'd work perfectly for the series, especially with it being more grown up and darker, it seems!