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  1. 3 minutes ago, F.a.u.zish said:

    I think it might be aren't those the clothes from the ABC special? I know this costume isn't iconic enough to be imitated by an impersonator so IDEK:boredashell:



    Anywhere else I might feel a little stupid for making these points, but:

    1.) The impersonator's hair is completely straight, whereas Britney's was curled softly at the ends for the ABC Special. I also daresay the impersonator's blonde is too platinum.

    2.) The abs.

    3.) The bust.

    It's a good impersonator, but it's not her.

  2. 49 minutes ago, anti said:

    And ofc she will be nervous on the stage like at the start of BBMAS, so I'm expecting her to be awkward at the start. I love Britney, but I'm just being realistic.. :lollistare:

    ^^ That. I expect that she'll likely be nervous at the start, but I'm hoping that moment will happen again like it did at the BBMAs, when you can literally watch the confidence flood into her face and see her moves start to sharpen up.

    As for the OP, no offense, but what do you expect? This isn't any other award show, this is the VMAs. Fans have been waiting to see her redeem herself in this venue since 2007. Like I get what you're saying -- I'm not expecting her to dance with a snake or rip off her suit to reveal a sparkly bodysuit, but I do want to see the woman I adore and admire so much clean the slate VMA wise. A stellar performance is all I'm asking for, and honestly, I don't see that as a lot. 

  3. 20 minutes ago, BritneyLimited said:

    This is not true tho...you guys need to stop saying things like that. Primeney would have crushed it...Britney started being super shy post-breakdown, even if she was a little shy it was nothing compared to what she is now.

    Oh, please, Primeney would have been just as awkward in the beginning, she just would have laughed and smiled it off and then everyone would be calling her 'stupid' rather than 'awkward'.


    Where's the gif in your avatar from?

    I got a PM about this from someone else too, so-- I'm not sure. :embarrassed: I'm not the creator of the gif. In fact, it was apart of a topic here once and no one could identify where it was from, either. I know one of the Tumblr Britney fans made it and am going to ask nowiadoreyou if she's the creator so they can maybe finally resolve this question, lol.


    I don't think that's the point of this article, and to be blind (or willfully ignore or disregard or whatever it is you're doing) to the feminist implications of what it means to be an icon like Britney is actually forgetting the struggle that women face in this industry. It is unlikely that Britney's career would have taken the path that it did (breakdown included) had she been a man. The writer is underlining, what I think is blatantly obvious, that Britney may not use her music as a feminist platform (though she obviously has in some songs), but that Britney's life is a major part of that conversation in pop music and entertainment. 

    That was exactly the point of the article, yes.

    But my opinion on this subject as a whole is so all over the place because I can see the points everyone is making that I'm literally just here to say yup, that was the point the writer was trying to make. It had nothing to do with trying to force Britney's hand to identify herself as one or the other.

  6. :eheeek:

    Like, maybe your intentions are to speak to those who seem to bitch and nitpick about every little thing and choice she makes that they don't like -- because regardless of where her career may be headed next, people should be appreciating the hell out of this and some people actively seem to be looking for reasons to complain (but this happens every era) -- but you have to see why this seems just as negative as that crap is, right?


    I thought my thread wasn't even gonna get more than 2 comments and 2 views :britwtf:

    And now i feel bad for people fighting :bthink:

    I said "straight" because all reviews i've seen are from gay guys, so it's good to have other opinions and they were funny i dont care if they're straight gay or bi (wish they were gay tbh) :jumpney:

    :awww: I liked your thread. It was nice to see a different perspective of Britney's music, and more so them actually liking what they heard. So thank you for sharing.

  8. 43 minutes ago, breatheonher said:


    How did he shade her..? She's the reason anybody even knows who he is, so it's funny if he has the nerve to shade her:chershade:

    He literally gave an entire rundown of their 'honeymoon night' to-- was it Star? I can't remember, but there are still things he claimed that are burned into my brain for all of eternity. I'm also pretty sure he ran off at the mouth about her negatively to a few others, too.