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  1. 2 hours ago, Draw The Blinds said:

    What high schools did ya'll go to? :wtfdidusay:

    Everyone in my school loved Britney during her prime, it wasn't "cool" to hate Brit in my school :queenflopga2:

    It wasn't cool to like Britney at my first high school. The girls could and did, the guys... could not openly admit it, unless it was to say they wanted to f**k her. But you'd be made fun of for shitty music taste regardless of gender or anything else if you admitted to liking her or pop.

    I'm from the South though, so not a big shocker there. I also went to a rural school for one year (the one mentioned above) and a school in the city for the other three, and at that school nobody gave a damn what you listened to because everyone was busy doing copious amounts of drugs and partying. You could play Britney and they would not care, lmao.

    Both were during her prime, however. So I kind of remember both sides, where it was acceptable to like her and where it was cool to hate her.

  2. 9 minutes ago, Slave4Brit88 said:

    The media probably can't show sympathy now because they acted SO horrendously back then that it will make them look bad for being so damn disgusting.

    No, now they just ass kiss about how strong she is (probably out of guilt for how they acted back then, hence why I say "ass kiss") until they find something else to tear her apart over. Only now they do it in the backhanded compliment sort of way.

  3. 6 minutes ago, Applejack said:

    tbh the thing with rock concerts is that there is a lot more emphasis on the instruments, so as long as the vocalist shows energy, the sound gets better than it is on the record.

    with pop music the focus is the voice... most of times. so live is never gonna be better.

    i could say the need to reach a perfect performance in pop music is much greater too, but there are great rock musicians who always were great performers as well. so idk.

    That's true. That's also why I tend to think aside from being two completely different genres/branches, and both being music aside as well, they don't really understand one another. They can be connected well musically/mashed together well, but the attitudes are different in general.

    And I'm a big fan of guys like Freddie Mercury and Axl Rose, so I can definitely agree with that.

  4. 1 hour ago, that's really cool. said:

    Literally like everyone one had the "I don't know this" as their most voted one :squintney:


    And most of the comments said they don't listen to the radio, which is also a big thing now that none of y'all ever seem to take into account. I don't see why that's such a surprise to people-- radio is awful. Any station you go to, they play the same songs over and over again and have obnoxious DJs or stupid morning/evening talk shows. Most switch over to satellite or their phones.

    Plus now those people might actually look into the song, seeing as it's not like Team B promo'ed the hell out of it. :quirkney: So thanks, Buzzfeed.

  5. Aw, ickle, tiny Britney. So cute. But it's not just the dancing that's getting to her, it's having to keep the 'baby' voice as others have mentioned. It was really nice to watch, though.

    1 hour ago, BabyCan'tYouSee said:

    My favorite era tbh. I'm probably in the minority in that lol 

    I guess live performances of pop music is different in that being out of breath is considered such a bad thing that people would rather hear lip syncing. AC/DC's vocalist (Brian) could never perform as well live as in the album track vocally, but the live performances were still better just because you could feel the energy from his voice live which you can't really feel from an edited, well-mixed studio track. Sure he was out of breath half the time, but it sounded awesome that way. 

    I love hearing Brit live, even more so when she's out of breath from the dancing. 

    Yeah, the pop world is nothing like the rock world. In the rock world, they don't give a damn how you sound, so long as you're out there performing. In the pop world, it's all about perfection. That's why I hate when my favorite rock musicians chime in on pop music, because they know nothing of that world, and vice versa.

  6. 28 minutes ago, danny1994 said:


    The fan specifically asked which her favorite non-single track was from Blackout, though. Those could be her all-time favorites in the long run. For example, my current favorite Britney track is still CYM, but my all-time favorite is BTI. And favorites are allowed to change over time. :yaknow:

  7. 4 hours ago, A.D. said:

    Britney might not perform choreographies like she used to during her prime but Beyoncé would NEVER pull off some of Britney's current choreography because she lacks FLEXIBILITY and FLUIDITY:


    I absolutely agree with that. And listen, I'll even admit that Currentney is now also a ton of hair and armography. It's true, why deny it? But Brian made the statement that Beyoncé was the "best dancer ever" and "the Michael Jackson of our time", and it is incorrect. I'm even putting my stan card aside for this because I would easily argue that the best dancer ever is the same man he claims Bey to be like, and that his youngest sister is a close second.

    When he says, "of our time", which exactly is he referring to? The millennial generation, or the newest one? I wouldn't try to place her in the millennial, because I'm apart of that and am actually the last year I believe it can be, and there are tons of successful dancers in that time who beat her without having to lift much of a finger. Britney is one of them. The aforementioned Jacksons too, of course. If he's referring to the newest/currently, then dancing wise he's still wrong. Successfully, sure-- but he also claimed she was the best dancer ever.

    This isn't a Britney vs. Bey thing. It's the obvious truth vs. obvious ass kissing thing. That's what I'm saying. She's a wonderful performer -- she knows how to put on a show, without a doubt -- but she's not the best dancer. :yaknow:

  8. :carpoolney: I agree. I won't lie -- sometimes the other threads about charts and the like here can get me down because it's just really surreal to see it finally happening to Britney, but I also realize that's inevitable for most legends -- but overall, she's just been so much happier visibly and it's just so nice compared to the past that I'm just glad she's in a really good place. Her interacting with fans at POM more is what really made me realize just how much happier she is. Go, Britney. :tiffanynod: