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  1. 18 hours ago, BOBIBCFBG said:

    I don't think it was the lighting though bc then everyone else would have looked shitty too.

    Wouldn't know, didn't bother looking at anyone else's pictures from that party. She may have gotten rid of the brick red glittery eyeshadow and had some touch ups to take the shine off of her face, but it's mostly the lighting. There's photos of her having her picture taken by other paps/press on that red carpet, as they're taking the bad pictures, where you can literally tell their harsh camera flashes and lights are washing her out.

  2. I don't have certain voices that does that, I have lyrics. Rainbow (the song, lol, but we can count the album as a whole) counts for this. But also things you would think wouldn't. For the longest time, this was my 'clarity' song--

    Axl screeches, he sings in a falsetto, he snarls and he growls. He is NOT soothing by any means. But if I was ever really mad, this was my go-to song: and not because it'd help feed my rage, but because it'd make me step back and think. And for some fucked up reason, the last few minutes of the song, where he's practically hurling the lines at you: that's the part that helps me calm down most. It just puts me in a better state of mind, so when I get done chanting along (it took a while to know exactly what all he's saying, lmao), I'm actually calmer and more reasonable than I was before.

    BUT, to keep more on topic.... This song does what you're asking for, despite being older Stevie and not younger:

    And I do mean that version of the song, rather than the original sung by Lindsey. But for a Lindsey song that does it (but is sad), it's this one:


  3. 14 hours ago, BrittonJeanSpears said:

    Well, would you look at that? Not only does Keaton's school confirm that Keaton was in fact a victim of bullying and that he never bullied other students, but again it's confirmed that the GoFundMe was set up by a third party and Keaton's mother has asked for the money to be donated to an anti-bullying charity. :groovin: But in all fairness, his estranged father is a white supremacist in prison. :nyheadache: I swear, for every win in this case, there's gotta be two more losses. I can't.

    Whatever, I still stand by Keaton and firmly condemn his parents. :lessons: 


    Shocking, that a bunch of people in here blindly encouraged hatred and spouted lies just to get a bunch of randos on Exhale to hate a child. :whitneyshade:

  4. 2 minutes ago, Betty1994 said:

    No one is backtracking the story has been the same through out. People chose not to look at the big picture. 

    The boy was bullied yes , the reason no one was told.. That was evident from the start. 

    his father is a convicted white supremacist , has pictures all over her Facebook holding confederate flags WITH HER SON, smiling.

    the mother set up a gofundme 

    no facts have changed. 

    No new information was delivered that was not already told. People CHOSE to ignore it, as I said before if this was a taliban supporter people would have been on it. If this had been a minority child no one would have said anything or they would have been scrutinised a bit more. 

    It's  telling he gets the benefit of the doubt when his own actions speak louder than words,

    Well, let me go start the fire, then.

    Nothing I've said in this thread has changed with everything I've been presented. 

  5. 3 minutes ago, Betty1994 said:

    It's the reality. When it's a white domestic terrorist waving around confederate flags you will give the benefit of the doubt. If this was an Isis supported or taliban I doubt you would be so care free. 


    Lmao, no, when the facts are fucking solid and people aren't backtracking on the story with "new information" every day, and it's not such a sh!t show, then I would say more than the mother's disgusting. Which is what I said to begin with and hasn't changed.

    Anything else? 

  6. 8 hours ago, Betty1994 said:

    It was the mother. 

    Like I said, still too messy and I'd prefer to step away than persecute a child. (Other than to give a resounding 'ew' if he's already following his mother's beliefs and ideals. You can learn to disengage yourself from what you're raised on, so I'm just going to hope he'll learn that his mother's beliefs are disgusting.)

  7. 33 minutes ago, BoyToySoldier said:

    Exactly. I cackle at all the stans on here that show up once in a blue moon and have the nerve to tell us we shouldn't criticize because "Britney'z been thru a LOTTT". Get off your high horse, and stop using a decade old meltdown as a crutch to her bad performances. It's not like she ISN'T capable of delivering a good show...


    :urite: like why would you want to enable her laziness when she's shown she's capable of more-- and at/with POM?

  8. Because she's been there for four years, because you can tell shes bored, because it gives her an excuse to half ass, because fans are ready for her focus to be back on her music and not the residency. Or, if you're like me-- because Vegas is still where acts go to retire, the stigma has not changed. Take your pick; you'll be right.

    Glad you enjoyed the show, though.