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  1. Just now, Captain Britney said:

    omg is this real? I know Brit was supposed to be in the MV of When I Grow Up, maybe its this? :selena:

    It's not. This was a birthday party for Bryan where Britney performed for him with them.

    And no, there's no video, to my knowledge.

  2. I'm going to say half editing, and probably also just her seeing the guy tweaking right there on stage and it being secondhand cringe. Even Simon says it, and frankly, she was doing her 'fake uncomfortable smile' long before the minute this starts on; he just made it worse by basically accusing her of being homophobic. I mean.....

  3. 9 hours ago, Invitation said:

    You guys need to know the facts before commenting

    You do realize that people can post things in a discussion forum's thread without knowing the facts, right? Especially when they never claimed to and are clearly going by what the article itself says? :outwithit: It's actually how people learn new things and share information. Imagine that.

    9 hours ago, Invitation said:

    The church did not express disinterest. The owner and her agreed on a deal. It was FORMER RESIDENTS aka the nun that did not approve it. If the court is proceeding to award PUNITIVE damages, that means Hollister and the nuns have evidently hurt the Church, as it's the Catholic church that's suing them, not necessarily Katy Perry, who went to sing a Christian song for the nuns.

    Fair enough, I guess.

  4. I hate to be insensitive, but this is the wildest title of anything I've ever read, and I had to click in based on it alone. THAT said....

    It is truly sad she passed, and I also don't understand why Katy couldn't just look at other old convents when the church expressed their disinterest in selling it to her. The fact that she took them to court over it.... wow. :ohdear:

  5. 50 minutes ago, The Greatest Show said:

    Im not getting my hpes up. We have been excited and had signs that pointed to a huge era before. I would rather be pleasantly suprised than make the same mistake I did for Glory.


  6. 8 minutes ago, BritneyJeanAmaze said:

    I think they are doing a song together

     Out of everyone this would be the collaboration to get ppl talking honestly

    My thoughts exactly. If this means something (and it's even got one of my friends wondering what she's up to), it feels like that's it.

  7. To be totally and completely fair, a lot of high fashion is just trash that people pretend looks good because of the designer who slapped it together, so the line being an absolute eyesore is no surprise to me. The denim stuff Britney's in looks cute, so whatever. :yaknow: