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  1. Now you know damn well other performers, ESPECIALLY Noodles, are not allowed to say anything that could be taken as negative or even criticizing about Britney, whether we said it as well or not. But I do find it hilarious that people I know hated POM are acting like he's out of line and his words have no weight.
  2. Oh, no, let's bash the guy for saying what half of us think. Hope Britney sees it.
  3. Did team Britney ever do the right things?

    Yes, there was a time when they did things right, and yes, it was pre-2007.
  4. Am I talking to the next Bundy?

    What the actual f**k is going on in here? I can't see all of the screens because of Photobucket, but if those are real and the above article is true.... I would notify the authorities or something.
  5. I have a vacation next week, why did this and that BOMT pajama set have to pop up?
  6. New shirt @ Spencer? (Sorry if AP)

    Yep, that's true. What's sad is they did work out the Cryptkeeper detail -- it was going to be an entirely new one -- but it fell through again because there was a really complicated and detailed underlying rights structure that gave them too many legal issues and will take four more years to clear up. But without the Cryptkeeper and John Kassir (the guy who did his voice), I don't know how I'd feel about a new host/a new makeover for him. It would have been.
  7. New shirt @ Spencer? (Sorry if AP)

    I never got to see the ITZ one. I love those, too! The talking Chucky dolls? I think it's around seventy bucks, yeah. I think the Cryptkeeper is from like, '95 or '96. I remember it was like, two hundred bucks back then, and now if you can find him they want a thousand. I wish I had been older then so I had money, lmao.
  8. New shirt @ Spencer? (Sorry if AP)

    Oh, I agree about the shirts-- HT makes some ugly Britney shirts. (Weren't they the ones who made that black tie-dyed mess? Lmao.) But fair enough. Ironically, the HT I live by/visit only has small sizes available, I have to order online to get medium or large, or be really lucky that visit. Yeah? I would love to hear I've Just Begun (Having My Fun) at one of them, tbh. Or any store. I usually hear TTWE, Circus, or Toxic. And lmfao, right? I've actually had to keep myself from laughing from conversations about the back, especially between kids and their parents. Randomly, at one time, they did have an item I really wanted: it was back when they had the animatronic life-sized Cryptkeeper from Tales From The Crypt, who would talk and do his signature laugh and stuff. I still wish I'd gotten it.
  9. No news is good news

    My foot itches.
  10. New shirt @ Spencer? (Sorry if AP)

    Trash store that tries too hard to copy Hot Topic now. (Which is hilarious, since Spencer's Gifts came first.) The shirt looks awful. But hey, I'm all for more Britney merch.
  11. The one where Britney actually sings the fecking note in the bridge. Shut up. So none of them.
  12. I Will Be There vs. Thinkin About You

    I'm in the minority, but Thinkin' About You. Love that beat and her vocals.
  13. I don't see how nothing else matters if she just photo op'ed with Katheryn, but okay....
  14. Dark mascara dripping down my face

    It's from her second appearance on Saturday Night Live. https://www.liveleak.com/view?i=153f7f1ff1 (This is the best place I can find it; SNL is notorious for not allowing uploads of their episodes/sketches unless you pay for it somewhere.)