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  1. Its still weird to me that kids are given cell phones, tablets, laptops, etc., so young. I watched my nieces successfully navigate YouTube once or twice, at the ages of six and four, and it just freaks me out. (Fortunately, they're no longer obsessed with Frozen. Now if it's about something called Littlest Pet Shop, let me know, because I have a sister-in-law to warn.) But on subject, that's completely fucking gross, and I hope YouTube is taking the correct steps to purge the videos.
  2. Britney's thanksgiving IG

    My mom forgot to make it this year ( ), but same. And actually on all accounts, lmao. I am so full. But that casserole does look good.
  3. Britney enlisted at Maverick Records

    Yeah, didn't Larry even give Jordan a "She's not going anywhere" quote about RCA?
  4. That clip seemed so pointless, it was like someone forgot to write down why they were recording it to begin with.
  5. What did you just do? :O

    It was good!
  6. Beyonce is deeply involved in Paganism and Witchcraft

    That's very true. I am, yes. I had my amesthyst necklace on earlier. Ah, so you do reiki? I can see why you're obsessed with them then, lol!
  7. MTV HAS CANCELED TRL......again

    Well, that all felt totally redundant. Thanks, MTV?
  8. Beyonce is deeply involved in Paganism and Witchcraft

    The use of crystals can stem from either the Wiccan set of beliefs, or stem from Pagan ones-- both can and do use crystals for energy healing/storing and so forth. Or even from one's own set of beliefs that don't necessarily follow either, as you described. Crystal study is a thing itself, really. I'm a Celtic Pagan, but I don't practice in terms of spells and the like; mostly I study, and I read my tarot and take part in blessings. It was something my mother has been apart of since I was a little girl; she's an ADF Druid. I know several kind hearted Wiccans and Pagans. I'm not going to lie and say there aren't branches/forms and practices that aren't bad, but lumping it all in as a whole and writing it all off as evil just from a lack of understanding is just terribly narrow-minded to me. You don't even have to study it, just don't be rude about someone else's beliefs, you know?
  9. ^^^ I'm sorry, Jordan, but I'm gonna echo this sentiment. Like, to a tee. You're overusing 'pop emergency' as it is. Please stop.
  10. True. And it is also Billboard, so I guess I really shouldn't be too surprised. I'm a mix when it comes to Bey, because I do really love her ballads, but I also love the more upbeat ones. (I mean, my number one favorite of her's is Green Light. But lmao, I totally see your point.)
  11. I'm actually not going to go from anything from her older or popular stuff-- just State of Grace. That song resonated with my soul and was so peaceful and pleasing to my ears the first time I heard it.
  12. I agree, but I've been nosing through the comments and it seems they got a lot on that list wrong. Freakum Dress isn't a song I skip all the time, but there are far better choices there, too. Personally, I think the list is half biased, and half a writer grabbing some discographies and using whatever songs they were completely unaware of to fill in the empty slots.