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  1. I don't get this scene on the Toxic video

    For the record, I feel like David's embellishing. As BoyToy said, she was being overworked and she was sad, the media was beginning to turn on her and the GP was fed up with her-- she needed some rest, is all that tells me. That's not me agreeing with David that she never wanted her career, simply that the decisions made with the video were by her (I don't even get why people think it's her team when we've been over how involved she was during ITZ enough, plus it's a reoccurring thing and it's not like her team doesn't see the design boards and have input there before they even shoot the videos)-- but that's also going way off topic back to the whole puppet thing, which I don't think. Both can be true that she was being overworked during the ITZ era, and that she had the most creative input then as well.
  2. Never gonna happen. Joseph is on the list of burned bridges with directors, right under LaChapelle. His statements he's made about Taylor recently are enough to cement that: he only wants artists who see their visions through, and Britney doesn't. Sucks, but it's the reality of it all. Now would I want him back? Idk. I do love Joseph's work with Britney, and have since Stronger, tbh. And even with his attitude turning me off lately, I won't deny that he's usually got it. Some of his repeated inspiration in videos have made me raise my brows, but I wouldn't turn my nose up at it. But again, see above.
  3. I don't get this scene on the Toxic video

    Ah, so it was LaChapelle who admitted things, okay. I wasn't entirely sure there. But yeah, both statements are completely true.
  4. I don't get this scene on the Toxic video

    Fact. I remember that as well. I think it was Britney herself who decided it was too dark; I heard back then it was her team, I think, but I've since heard it was her. (Kind of the way of every scrapped thing. Ah, traditions.)
  5. Oh, I know. And I feel exactly the same way; Myah now does vocals in songs for Drag Race and she's used her Britney vocals there, and it's-- Myah's Britney voice to me now. And look, I accept BJ was what it was. It happened, you chose to either stay or go back then, and it should be noted that she is nowhere to be found on Glory: so they did quietly/silently admit they fucked up. It's more than they've done for other messes. I don't even judge people if they like the album, because some of the songs had potential. Just... you know. It's time to let the debate go, once and for all.
  6. I can admit that I'm a hypocrite and would be hyped about a Xmas album from Brit Brit, yeah. We really have been needing at least one new Christmas song, undoubtedly.
  7. Give me a minute.... @basicbrit, I believe. (I apologize to them if I'm wrong and it's someone else. ) And agreed.
  8. I don't get this scene on the Toxic video

    ^^ It's why she's poisoning him in the first place.
  9. Precisely; while their "proof" is one tiny print interview Myah's father did where he denies Myah would ever do something like that, and calls people claiming Myah sang the majority of the leads as feeding into a conspiracy theory: when the fact is, what parent would ever cop to their kid doing something that would tarnish their credibility if confessed to? And somehow, reading this trivial cut out is enough proof for them to write off everything else they're given and shown as proof. Its watching the power of mind diminish all logical and rational argument because they just can't bring themselves to realize they were bamboozled like the rest of us.
  10. Given that Myah supposedly has a friend who now posts here and who has admitted its her singing lead on most of BJ, if it's indeed true the person is friends with her (I don't see why they'd lie), I don't see why people continue to argue this point anymore. (Not to take anything away from your research, Loan. The denial over BJ just astounds me.)
  11. No. Go listen to Glory if you want that. Britney, meanwhile, needs to go back to inspiring other artists, rather than taking inspiration from them or working with them. Unless they're Janet. Case closed.
  12. Given that the SB people outright said it wasn't going to be Britney, I don't see how any could start.
  13. Do you still not have it? If not, PM me and I'll send it your way.
  14. This is true. I accept my fate. He's not even mad at the people who downvoted his dumbass Xtina Trump opinion, he's mad at y'all for going after camwhore. I just....