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    C'mon, she stiffed ya. Hahaha.

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    Britney, writing, reading, generally staying in my damn lane and just reading through stuff like ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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  1. Mario Testino photo in colour

  2. Not true. My metal mother was busy yelling for me to turn it off. Everything else, yes. This was exactly me when I was thirteen and the song/Britney dropped. I think it's a cute ad.
  3. Again, fine by me. I don't want B10 yet. At least wait until POM Revamped and Reloaded 2019. But yeah, a buzz single is likely.
  4. Why didn’t she shave her head at home? (2007)

    I'm going to be the one to ask: Does it honestly matter anymore? I'm just saying.
  5. .....Exhale had a meltdown over her twirling video? A simple twirling video she shot in the comfort of her own home? Some of y'all need to get out more. But, thanks for amusing her enough for the snarky add-on, I guess.
  6. I was wondering what the denial part was about. (I admittedly am not following the Olympics.)
  7. The hate for 'Clumsy' on this site is f**king outrageous

    When Hard Not To Skip Ya exists?
  8. Yeah, tbh, I'm also wondering why y'all are forgetting that there are two portions of the c-ship in place, personal and financial, and that they likely mean the personal portion.... But as for this article, I don't know. It is also true this crops up every year.