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  1. Why is number eight what it is? Also, they can keep this list just for 2001 VMA's being number one before 2000. I don't care which one was more iconic, because WatchMojo/MsMojo suck anyway, and I'm still feeling petty about number eight.
  2. His name + his favorite obsession = my username. Tis a pun in a few ways.
  3. True. That mentality has to be so boring.
  4. Wait, so you're still experiencing Britney stuff for the first time? Oh, my God, that's fantastic-- soak it up and enjoy it! But yes, Out From Under is one of my favorites from Circus. It's a cover; I think it was originally featured in a Bratz movie? Lol. But Britney's version is amazing.
  5. If she doesn't go, can we say they obviously aren't that close and that's all the more reason for her to seek new management? Congrats, Larry. Make it work.
  6. A new form of that MM/VMA pool party insider. Chrisnay, was it? Awesome.
  7. No, I agree. However, they made it sound as though Britney would be faulted for doing such a move, period, when that's not the case. She would be called Armney because the rest of her wouldn't move, and thus, she wouldn't do Janet's type of choreography, anyway. My point was, she's always incorporated it into her choreo: so if she's called that now by the Army then there's a reason behind it.
  8. I just want the dancing back. I mean, I agree with a full comeback with a full era, but that seems greedy so.... I don't know. Just give me the dancing back.
  9. Aw, dammit. Oh, well.
  10. And Britney's not executing lately. That would be why she would be called Armney, Twirlney, Hair Flipney, etc. It's not because it's a specific choreographed move that requires her to move her arms, it's because it's all she'll move. I know. See above.
  11. Wrong. Anyone who knows anything knows that Britney has always done armography. Y'all tried, though.
  12. Wait, are we sure that's 2017ney? Because if so, she's looking more and more like her old self.
  13. But metalheads also hate anything that isn't rock or metal. I'm not saying all are that way, for the record, because I'm one, and I know several others here are, too. But the common consensus with them is that any/most music that isn't rock and/or metal isn't real/sucks/etc. So that is worth pointing out, because it's not like they're any kinder about American pop. I've gotten into BLACKPINK a lot here lately though, random but semi related side note.
  14. It was Sears. The stores all have their own sound systems.