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    music #B10 Title

    I expect it to be named "Lord Freezer".
  2. While flops such as Glory disagree with you. On top of that, we're the only ones who buy her new stuff, hence the has-been career she is actually riding on.
  3. X Factor simply destroyed what was left of her image among the GP... She was fake as f*ck during the whole season... No wonder no one take her seriously nowadays... The fact she handles her career like trash is just the icy on the cake. My son came up with the name of my album.....Wait, what???
  4. Chaotic Curious to bottom 69 Fantasy
  5. How can something that doesn't even exist be delayed?
  6. I can understand having a meltdown over say... the MM video being scrapped.... but this? Seriously? That's not their fault.