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  1. All this negativity, yet...

    Yup, this is exactly my point. We just want to see her again even if we kept bitching about how cheap this show looks. So it's not her team or Britney to blame for not delivering, it's our fault for feeding this while knowing what it's going to be. They say they aren't smart, in fact, they are.
  2. Promoting such a short tour during the SB would be a waste tbh.
  3. All this negativity, yet...

    Yeah I mean, lot of negativity during these last years about this show and now everyone is lining up to get tickets for the same thing. That's why they don't care in building up a better show, what's the point?
  4. We are all going to see her just for the sake of seeing her, so the half-assing will go on till the world ends. And they know it. ;p No need to invest.
  5. POM Tour Announcement

    Of course, what did u expect?
  6. They still live in 2011 when her name alone was enough to gain good results. That time is over... in order to get some exposure she needs to promote. BTW, since the GP check for her as u say Cappy, did any songs of her chart after new year's eve? That sure was a strong promotion for her as an artist... so people should have checked for her stuff on iTunes.
  7. To gave a song longevity, the GP is just needed. Since non fans doesn't check for her new stuff, the songs die fast even after high televised performances (VMAs). Simple as that.
  8. Just the fandom is checking for her, that's why her works/songs goes straight to the the top and then, when most of us have them, they free fall and disappear. The small rise MM had after the MTV awards was probably due to old fans that didn't know something new was out. She is doing nostalgia residencies for a reason, cause most see her that way.