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  1. Which post-Blackout music video do you like most?

    she was hot but she still had a belly, which she clearly doesn't have now i prefer slumber party body than womanizer one, i am not body shaming her, i think she is pretty hot even in her worst days, such as vma 07. but i do like to see her fit, and slumber party had that for me. mentally and body wise. also, for the record kinda ruined for me womanizer video. dont get me wrong, i still love it and think its a hell of a masterpiece, especially considering her prvious videos, BUT in for the record she is pretty sad recording it imo
  2. Which post-Blackout music video do you like most?

    my favorite one BY FAR is slumber party. it is that one video it has nothing to improve. for example, womanizer is a great video, but some wigs are bad, her body was not in the best shape and the car scene is just bad circus had the best shot in artiscly being flawless, but the transparent costume made her look fattiy and also there's a lot of editing issues if you seek amy is almost perfect, it only lack production value. i wanna go would be one i really, the things i dislike are the jokes, they are very katy perry work bitch had INCREDIBLE production, but you could see she was OVERProduced. I mean she was just so comfortable in slumber party, you can see she was not feeling all that in work bitch well, the other ones i really dont think are contenders