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  1. On 18.10.2017 at 3:45 AM, puppylo16 said:

    I think as a man, it’s typical to say those things about your one night stand but she was more than that and it was ironic to go on camera to whine about how she broke his heart is so low as she never did that to him. 

    But that’s ok because the world recognizes how vile he is and to be honest, he really isn’t that big of a name compared to her. 


    I think it is normal to say stuff like that, but you now - to your friends, not in public. He really used her at the end of the day for fame. But we all have to remember that we are far away from equality with men / women, so he was an asshole as simple as that.

  2. 14 minutes ago, ShowdownITZ said:

    Like I said a good song but nothing extraordinary :mattafact:

    I really can not think of any better vocalperformance in pop the last 5 years? It is a shame it is only a deluxe track, the executive producer must be deaf. :mattafact: But (Dangerous Woman) compared to My Everything it was too much RNB for me, i liked that MY was more like a poprecord.

    But besides that: The popmusicindustry is kinda weird now, it feels like not much diversity, popgirls are out, now men taking over again. But i am glad the DJ trend is over, at least i hope so. :gross:

  3. 4 minutes ago, reoha098 said:

    Well, the gp dont look at the score on some website, as long as the songs from any artists get played often on radios and have millions views on youtube, it will be viewed as successful. 


    So, it doesnt matter if pink doesnt get high score on the website, her new single are played often and everywhwhere compared when britney released make me. And gp see pink as successful artist because of that.

    I was kinda shocked, her What About Us video went from like 9 Million views to 77 Million in like 2 weeks? I thought it will be a flop for her.

  4. 24 minutes ago, ShowdownITZ said:

    Those middle-aged moms love her so it makes sense :urite: What About Us was so bad :gross: she’s been making the same music since 2008.

    Don't forget that Pink has a huge fanbase all over the world and Britney not so much anymore (not like before 2007) this fact alone, it is not fair to compare these two artists.

    I hear Pink everytime on the radio: Try, Raise Your Glass, Funhouse she has so many radiofriendly songs, it is almost annoying, Britney? Nope

  5. You don't wanna know :shadelaugh:

    No seriously, age doesn't mean anything, i saw older guys who where childish as f**k and i saw older guys who looked a lot younger.

    And yeah i refused to date younger guys, but that is just me, they could be great and maybe i've missed some chances.

    Depends on the personality, i guess.


  6. 22 hours ago, SlayOut said:

    So someone recently introduced me to her music and I’m shook. :tiffhair: Is she like an alternative Britney? :nocomprende:

    Are there any Marina stans that can point me to her best deep cuts? :whitney:


    I knew a couple of songs from her, but i recently found this songs:

    Love it and they are indeed deep.

  7. 39 minutes ago, Ooh Ooh Baby said:

    Me either. But I just hope it's a lot smoother than the ANTi release. I don't want to get 3 songs that don't make the album. Sound wise the album was spot on, but release wise everything was a mess. I want smashas with promptly filmed music videos and release dates. 


    Tidal with that one user who pays every month for those lossless music i mean... :ririshade2: Those mp3 giveaways... Yes everything was a big mess.

    I don't think the next era is for me, because too much urban and rnb instead of pop, but whatever.