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  1. You know what? It is 2017, let him feel whatever he wants to feel. I don't get it, when a man says it there is always backlash, that only shows that we are not all equal, i mean masculine and feminine in this case and you know what? It is not. Yes, yes, yes i mean you get even strange looks when you are listening to Britney on high volume as a men, not to mention make up or clothes. It is fucked up.
  2. Why? I did wear it anyway, they are good and til this day nobody said anythibg about it (that i wear sometimes women perfume)
  3. The video will 100% be released...

    Can somebody leak it and make me ooh? Oh it's from 2016
  4. Ok, another huge mistake...
  5. Dramas, well... accurate but sports? hell no... But seriously that means gays/bis running her career now like Brazil, it has to be the perfect country to be gay, seriously.
  6. How old is "too old" for dating?

    Same sis, but whatever, i don't think we are old
  7. Exactly and in the circle it is like: Deny this sh!t or you won't dance on the reunion, they just need Nicole and maybe Melody.
  8. I bet the same source told the magazine that the babydaddy is one user from Exhale
  9. Jordan posts fake meet and greet photo on Instagram

    We should call all the magazines to stop photoshopping her.
  10. Jordan posts fake meet and greet photo on Instagram

    Where is his green lolly tho?
  11. But that doesn't mean we will ever hear it though. Maybe it's a rejectedsong.