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  1. Is Britney big gay icon?**

    Resd the Facebook / Youtube / Instagram / Twitter comments, there are basically 90% gays (from brazil ) and 10% some girls. The gays are her main-audience and i do think she is a gayicon, yes.
  2. Wtf is dance? Educate me sis I just think it's not cool to upload a video over and over again. Like
  3. Why is it called "DANCE till the world ends"? Someone needs to be fired.
  4. This + Google knows you, that means that you will get more personal searchterms, another example is Youtube: They know what you are watching and what are you interested in. The you might also like section sometimes is creepy because often it is accurate.
  5. Not this trainwrack again, even her own community is disgusted...
  6. He is coming for the first chartbreaker of 2018, mark my words, my wig is about to get snatched.
  7. Today He Wanted To Talked To Me And...

    No, don't be ashamed of your feelings honey, maybe it helps someone in the future
  8. Katy Perry Is Reportedly Planning A Comeback

    Max and Dr. Luke made her the popstar who she is or used to be. A look in her discography proofs it, after Hot'n'cold no Dr. Luke song left and the other 2 singles flopped. The Witness era was just so... too serious and she was acting like a drugaddict, like?
  9. Katy Perry Would Rather Be Real Than Relevant

    But now she is desperate, fake and irrelevant. Her huge mistake was to believe she is irreplacable. You still have to play the game and you can not do anything musicwise, it's still mainstream music which made you famous, sis.
  10. What do you think about polyamory??

    Yes and no, i mean monogamy is the standard way to live in a relationship and i do think people should respect that more. (like say this kind of stuff early, so that nobody needs to waste their feelings and time) As i said before, not my thing because that is my vision of it (for my life) and i think it's kinda sad that often in the LGBTQ community it's more common, because to me, i just want a normal life - I don't need more extra things. Just my opinion.
  11. Katy Perry Is Reportedly Planning A Comeback

    Go back in the studio with Max Martin and your career will be fine.
  12. Ok, so Nicki Minaj is the definition of desperate