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  1. This song sounds like 3 or 4 songs in one. It is cute tho.
  2. I mean the nerve to do a great duet - Label it as a LGBTQ gift and defend Quaivo's stupid things, shows she doesn't know sh!t. And Rihanna did it first #TeAmo
  3. High as f**k No one knows you in Europe, i am sorry.
  4. Dissing Iggy, but let Quavos homophobic sh!t on her record, girl have several seats. I am not even an Iggy fan, but the hate she gets is just stupid, just because she is white in a genre which is almost black.
  5. I only remember random storys lile she bought a pregnancytest and stole a lighter, which i thought was badass and cool, because they would believe anything.
  6. Stupid hoe
  7. Can she just stop and use her own voice? GTFOOH
  8. And he doesn't strip anything down
  9. It is not a bad album, that isn't the problem, it just doesn't feel like a Britney record at all and Myah is not the only problem, i mean it sounds dated and not well produced and rushed. I still like Alien, Body Ache, Till it's Gone & Don't Cry.
  10. Be like that, people will talk trash anyway, but just don't care. @IDKBT
  11. The studiostems leaked (google it), a lot is named Myah... + It doesn't even sound like Brit. They ONLY did new vocals for Work Bitch (Vegas), the evidences are basically everywhere, but you don't want to believe it, so... it is like a conversation with someone who wouldn't even listen anyway.