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  1. Nothing "Oops" related made her go crazy .. We all know the story at this point. Close thread plz
  2. She should've just made this a surprise album.. The way it's going doesn't look so good
  3. The blonde wig looked WAY better and didn't look as messy as this look To think there were some bops coming after Floprise...
  4. The cover that we already got for GLORY is FLAWLESS Captures her perfect enhanced beauty perfectly
  5. She looked so bloated the whole time So painful to watch back in 2011
  6. I've literally been a Stan since BOMT and I was like 7 or 8.. Reading through this makes me feel SO OLD but LUCKY at the same time because of the people stanning after 2007, like what??! Y'all missed the peak
  7. Make Me was the PERFECT Glory lead single TBH it was just the video fiasco that ruined everything
  8. Why isn't the instrumental chorus from Work Bitch #1?!?