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  1. POLL: How I Roll VS If I'm Dancing

    uh..."If I'm Dancing" is the "Inside Out", "Unusual You", "Freakshow" , "Breathe On Me", "Lonely", and "Don't go knocking on my door" of Glory.
  2. Do y'all realize prerecorded vocals

    I hate her prerecorded vocals and it makes her look like her team thinks we're stupid enough to not know the difference. Plus, most of the time, she sounds horrible just like in that Hold It Against Me video you posted. The Femme Fatale Tour prerecorded vocals brought on the same level of prerecorded as the Oops! tour in 2000 with her prerecorded vocals cutting out and her voice hiccuping at the end of lines. I hope they stick with the ALBUM VOCALS.