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  1. Pink Comments on Britney

    Godney was already a legend by 2005, when she dropped Max Martin as her main producer. I'm not surprised any of Max Martins new girls like P!nk , Avril, Kelly Clarkson, and Taylor Swift have been outselling Britney. It's just something to expect when an artist becomes a legend.
  2. Fiebre Britney is going to Las Vegas

    I like his 90's throwback sweater tied around the waist look. Almost makes me wanna wear an open button down plaid shirt with a tee shirt underneath to work tomorrow.
  3. Pink Comments on Britney

    Soooo it isthe one where she's pissing upside down... 10-4!
  4. Pink Comments on Britney

    Kelly Clarkson is having more radio success than Britney But that doesn't make her nor Pink a living legend.
  5. Pink Comments on Britney

    I haven't watched a full Grammy performance in over a decade and I don't plan to start now. Is this the one where she pissing upside down?
  6. Pink Comments on Britney

    It ain't controversial if there is nobody talked about the controversy. Nobody but Pink( the sex marketer) ,Max Martin (the songwritter), and Pink's very own Wikipedia page cared then, now, or even remembers.
  7. Pink Comments on Britney

    I just wiki'd U + Ur Hand. " (U + Ur Hand) was released in August 2006, igniting controversy due to its explicit lyrical content and strong language. " - Now you know thats a lie. The last time Pink ignited controversy was when she name dropped 'Britney Spears' in whatever that song was that was written by someone other than Pink.
  8. Pink Comments on Britney

    Godney created him! I got a craving for Turn you on and Turn it up by Paris. OMG. Look at us boppin' to songs, all released in 2006, from sex selling music artists, who marketed sex themed songs ,written by people other than themselves. And they both got fake ass co-writing credits. To each their own? We' might as well be listening to the same artist.
  9. Pink Comments on Britney

    Kim K and Paris Hilton are television/tabloid entertainers who used their sex appeal to market whatever a television/ tabloid entertainers talent is. Pink uses her sex appeal to market Max Martin written pop songs like an athletic Kelly Clarkson. Pinks product , sold by marketing sex, is your preference. Me? Personally, Paris Hiltons debut album gives me more life than any of the 2 Pink albums I've listened to in full.
  10. Pink Comments on Britney

    Pink has always used sex appeal to market her music, but she's no where near as universally attractive as the women she calls out for substituting sex appeal for talent. Its as if she is jealous of beautiful women who became more popular than her by using the same sex appeal tactics but without having to get on stage and/or live. An image whore is an image whore, and Pink is an image whore as much as any of the 'stupid girls' She's always been a hypocrite who is motivated by pure jealously. I hate Floptina, but Pink was jealous as f**k of that girl; and I thoroughly enjoyed watching her play a part in tearing Floptina down. Britney said Pink was trying to protect her own gimmick when Pink said she didn't think Britney was a real artist. Godney ain't lie.
  11. Pink Comments on Britney

    She's not extra shady these days because, over the years, P!nk has had to 'stoop' to Britney levels to remain successful. She use to say Britney wasn't a real artist because she didn't write her own music. She stopped saying that after she flopped in 2003 with "Try This" and rushed to Max Martin for hit songs in 2006. And where do you go where people regularly talk about John Legend and his moon-pie faced wife at all?
  12. Pink Comments on Britney

    She use to be shady towards Britney until Britney called her out on that bullshit back in 2003. Some magazine read Britney an article where P!nk said Britney wasn't an artist. Britney got sassy and said something like "just the other day she sent me flowers backstage after I performed so I don't know whats going on with her". After that, Pink started calling Britney a lipsyncher but ending her lines with "...but she's a really sweet girl, sweet as apple pie." And thats how its been since 2004.
  13. Pink Comments on Britney

    I'm pretty sure Max Martin has written most of P!nks hits since 2006, so are you saying that Britney should work with Max Martin again? I agree.
  14. If Im Dancing playing at Toronto radio

    Years from now, Britney is going to give Slumber Party the "Kill the Lights" treatment when she decides songs for her future setlists. I wouldn't be surprised she randomly started performing Private Show or If I'm Dancing like she did with Freakshow.
  15. If Im Dancing playing at Toronto radio

    All we do know is that Slumber Party didn't go nowhere with a cool video and decent promo performances at national radio shows. "Priviate Show" "If I'm dancing" and "Better" are just better songs.