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  1. Did team Britney ever do the right things?

    FF era was probably her most universal acclaimed era. Everyone thought she's a living legend and mega pop royalty. And the album is probably the best material she got in post-blackout era. But TV promo and the tour was so lack of energy and that hurts her image more than anything.
  2. U want a tropical latin song?

    If she's doing latin, don't do it like those tropical house. I would be glad if she gives us a shewolf( album) kind of vibe.
  3. so I educated these hos in class today

    It's cute but most of your classmate probably be like
  4. Wait before some "guy" burst in and say she's basic and lipsyncing. Anyway, love the performance. She definitely puts efforts in it.
  5. I don't understand these feminist moves. Instead of exposing other sexual harassment, they focus on blaming people who have worked with the known may-or-may-not-be harasser. And most of them are women. Talk about self-crippling