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  1. Is this AP NEWS. com like in already posted or like in Associated Press? Either way She's so lucky
  2. body of work mah ass? We have ITZney at all times just like Nefertiti, plus Curenntney plus Blackoutney. We have Casablanca goddammit.
  3. Is this picture really censored? cuz for me skirt part of this thingy was actually little too short
  4. I love how She have looked in this Circus performance, but I don't like at all placing fan in this setting like a master or sth.
  5. Katy erry lost opportunity, they could be both in pot full of vegetables, Bon Appetit could bring her lots of flying carrots here.
  6. Is this really a problem for You?
  7. I just noted that all races (not all people) do similar sh!t.
  8. You could put blame on William
  9. I assume there's different culture in Bangkok and paparazzo don't harass famous people?
  10. -that's such a great idea
  11. I can't admit nor deny
  12. -He's never coming back...