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  1. falka

    music My first live performance -------> Toxic

    He hates waiting?
  2. That would be epic don't tease like that
  3. It's just a scrapped scene. Is he random like that or...? Is he suggesting that She had shoot him down? They don't work together anymore?
  4. who would expect to be f/over by songwriter's words?
  5. falka

    exhale KFed is on Cameo

    That's actually sad, to receive wishes so bluntly hollow. I would prefer parrot to call me names over this. Just imagine that animal reciting Work Bish I need obscene bird
  6. I think it wasn't available apart from one picture or few seconds We always gettin something
  7. falka

    exhale What If Britney took...

    Never liked Umbrella
  8. falka

    other Madonna "shades" Beyoncé

    And next I wanna see chinese dishes there
  9. falka


    just wait till someone accuse U of sth and others just accept it without questions I don't know that particular case, neither Chloe, nor mu artist.