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  1. Sam's mom...

    Maybe She had laser treatment on weak eyesight? Or; son U are too fat, go to the gym and get in shape before I wish to see U again.
  2. John Early sings My only wish on TV

  3. Sam's mom...

    She was less lucky than Britney but She's very pretty just like her.
  4. John Early sings My only wish on TV

    Could He be just testing water for future original Britney appearance? Do people sing in that show usually?
  5. he has a kid with his best friend's wife, so
  6. I messaged Sam Asghari

    I think We could be rich
  7. POM on the road again?

    Better start saving just in case
  8. I messaged Sam Asghari

    The title of that thread should be printed on Breatheheavy t-shirts and not that Camila next princess of bullshit thang. We all would cry in the clubs wearing it. It's like new "surviving 2007", refreshed way of relating to Brit.
  9. John Early sings My only wish on TV

    What a waste of a shirt; He wasn't cold. He's fine like Katy P.is fine
  10. New Pre-grammy 2017 Party pictures

    but it's just drastic change of light
  11. Even in FF days something looked off

    After compliment about figure, She had that micro face expression... Like, She's polite and professional, but U see that She's not too keen on being evaluated randomly.
  12. Why do people not like HIAM MV?

    It's good, but Akerlund did his all to Gaga in John Wayne video, Britney was lil too soon for real goodies
  13. U mean his back without tattoos?
  14. Why do people not like HIAM MV?

    Cuz She's really crying in it ? And they used body double for dress-paint scene