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  1. well.. It seem that for Priscilla Frank, art connoisseur from Huffingtonpost, Brit's instagram is like breath of fresh air
  2. Slave 4 U is vevo certified!

    Well, I do remember Single ladies video, find it to be very good, have no memory of Taylor's awarded thing, so... Kanye was wrong and right same time, genius or sth.
  3. Nostalgia-ney, new insta post

    Nineteen? but She have worn more classic clothes than Kenzoney. Matthew Perry, my fav Friend
  4. I'm worrying about the lights already
  5. Yahoo article about Britneys new face

    I bet They would be in first place to take autograph from her.
  6. B is way too small. It's like She is walking everywhere with it instead of carrying a mini dog . Reminds me that necklace with initial She used to had, so...that building could receive bigger neon tbh. Who compared it to Everytime picture from the roof?
  7. For me also Brit looks like Brit, Wendy has ton of flaws, but I find myself agreeing with her often enough. btw current hair suits her better and makeup too.
  8. New Britney meme

    or ass jk it's pose of strong people, authorities maybe? Honestly I think it makes her look taller
  9. If so, it's also disrespectful to Peter's work
  10. Marilyn Monroe had chin implant just saying
  11. average dog can hit those notes also when You step on his paw I truly dislike it, my ears bleeding profusely and I would prefer crying in a club still