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  1. I'm so lost in this thread. Food from my country is also known in the world and I'm kind of happy about it. There are places which You couldn't associated with anything tasty/recognizable and that's pity I think. Would it be so wrong if he had said about bringing sushi to Japan? I feel like this gif coul'd be considered as a mockery, but is it really racist?
  2. I was gonna ask about this gif, but didn't is this cultural approbation case? We came here from various places, sometimes things getting weird and it's not necessary very serious... btw is this Eminem? D12?
  3. Gaga can kiss Robert's Smith lily-white ass and Glory has that RS vibe a bit
  4. Whole performance doesn't look as bad I just really dislike crawling part which was shown in preview.
  5. people use their faces all the time
  6. Or maybe there was another scrapped video before SP?
  7. The uploader has not made this video available in your country.