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  1. Let's play game

  2. Bonnie Raitt - Something To Talk About

    Turns out it was concept for Gaga's video.
  3. Bonnie Raitt - Something To Talk About

    I love this beluga. Britney can't top this dude today, sorry
  4. She did look great in it, so what does it matter how much did it cost? Or it is possible that it's a copy of her outfit.
  5. Sarah must be puffing and huffing on $$, it brings luck
  6. I like it https://www.instagram.com/p/BX-s6L5gnIj/?tagged=britneyspears Is it double bra?
  7. Bonnie Raitt - Something To Talk About

    Will She sing it with Miley ? Or will She sing it across the street from Gaga?
  8. My experience at Piece of Me

    Reviewer embodys Britney's perspective.
  9. My senior praised Britney

    She's , as a mother, good in every religion I think.
  10. Rules of regular human bodys do not apply to Brit's unreal bodeh.