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  1. I agree.. I never liked it.
  2. Mess if it were real and team Britney keeps the screen cap cover.
  3. Oh that's so exciting! How do you feel? Has it been as terrifying as I had thought?
  4. Congrats!!! That's so wonderful!! Pregnancy terrifies me but I hope you're experiencing a good one! Your baby will be as cute as Britney's kids I bet.
  5. Surprised nobody said they were listening to it RIGHT THIS MOMENT NOW! Flop fans. Listening now tho.
  6. It would have slayed the charts and sounded awesome. Their voices would be amazing together. Maybe he's too much of a druggie for her team to allow a collab. U all heard what happened with Iggy.
  7. She's touring Asia because that's where Sam wants to go for vacay but daddy Spears wont let her just up and vacay abroad with the bf so she knew he'd let her go if money was involved. Case closed, end this thread now.
  8. Oh honey get yourself some apps quick, you'll feel so much better posting some highly false but extremely gorgeous pictures of yourself. It's not wrong if it's still you.
  9. I think everyone who is insecure feels better posting edited/slightly altered versions of themselves on social media. I doubt she THINKS she looks exactly like that but it's a fairly nice edit and is much more flattering to post.