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  1. Hey they let lifetime air IABJ in hopes it'll get more people to go to Vegas.. That's something right?
  2. Everyone is talking about suing but didn't Britney's team put in the I am Britney Jean documentary right after the biopic? Lifetime had to get the rights to show it so I feel like Britney's team plugged it to ... get more admission to Vegas clearly. I guess it's smart to have IABJ be the follow up but if they really wanted to damage control the movie they could have shown For the Record.
  3. Honestly after the movie and straight into I Am Britney Jean.. I was wondering how an articulate, well mannered woman who is in charge of so much and is fine enough to work and is so honestly sweet and down to earth with her family...how can there be any reason to be on a conservatorship at this point. I dont understand. I know we dont see behind the scenes of her life but there's worse people out there who arent in any conservatorships... I got very sad about it honestly.
  4. For that to happen Justin will have to watch it. Lol no way Jessica is going to let him near the tv come the 18th.
  5. She definitely shouldn't be creating anymore fame jobs for Sam. If he wants it that bad he can go get it himself and keep her out of it or else he'll just seem more fame hungry.
  6. 35 and STILL ALIVE. That speaks volumes honestly...