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  1. Bby I wish you would have read what I said because I definitely said that towards the end. I said there's ways to make the things she likes to do better/more mature and sexy for get stage of life. So i agree
  2. Well off the top of my head a song called slumber party is a little immature for a 35 year old. Even though its snit sex that would be more playful and appropriate kind of song for someone Selena or Ariana's age. Pretty girls too. And idk about you but singing twerk it on a song is kind of weird for her. Its immature.
  3. Thanks bby, I'm so glad you don't hate me now with my blackout opinions. It's a bit intimidating to say Those things here.
  4. BO was so un-Britney for me and at the time with all the things going on in her life it was a but startling to hear at the time. Like the album is good, I enjoyed it, I always have to disclaim that since nobody can handle differing opinions about it but i always felt like the songs are repetitive, like gimme gimme more, gimme more, that is the entire song save for a few other lines about the crowds. Get naked is repeated a billion times, toy soldier, radar, idk it seems like a lot of the tracks blend into each other and there's not many stand out tracks on the album. I think you're right that younger fans latch onto it and declare it britney's best album ever and go so far as to hate on her first two albums. But she had a lot of depth on Britney and itz, I'd say more than blackout, and isn't that what we want from her? I notice a lot of these fans just want club bops and not music that resonates with her current life. Those are things I liked about Britney and itz especially. Itz was so good because she was there and present but in blackout I feel like she was trying to escape what was going on in her life. Sorry for the rant sis, I love blackout but it frustrates me so much when most people here hyper obsess about it and insist we get a blackout 2.0 because it was sooo dark and edgy. I think they overlook her work like Britney and itz and praise 3, ff and blackout like any of it is really Britney anymore. You can see on stage she isn't that person, she has no passion for these albums. Long rant, I'm so sorry! I expect to be super hated for my blasphemous opinions on blackout tho. Another reason I get frustrated with it! You can't say anything about it.
  5. I really think she needs to stop trying to be sexy. I feel like at 35 she might be struggling with feeling old and feeling sexy and its translating on stage but the thing is she can be sexy at 35.. And 45 and beyond, but as you age you gotta transition what sexiness means to you. At 20 being overtly in your face sexual makes sense when you're discovering your own sexuality but at 35 as a mother of two that's a bit much. The stripper pole is trashy. A seasoned veteran pop star squating around a pole is desperate and try hard, it's something that doesn't even go for her general aesthetic or brand but it does bring her brand down a lot. Some of the leotards are sexy when they look designer but primney was sexy in just a top and low rise jeans. I Think that's something she could bring back. Primneys clothing was often experimental, cut up clothing that looked interesting and made her look good when she moved. The visuals are lacking a lot. I don't get the lesbian vibes from slumber party. It just seemed phoney and gimmicky ... the milk licking scene was gross and sorry but it was kind of trashy, just like the sex plot in make me. Idk who is trying to push her as a has been porn star but they need to be fired. I did however like the cage scene from the original because it threw back to toxic but still. She doesn't have to be sexy all the time. I actually appreciated perfume mv for the story in it, even though its cut up and kind of boring, it wasn't just milk licking on a table in front of some stone faced man, some ambiguous lesbian scene or anything, it had a bit of depth even in the cut up version we got. And for music, I'd love another bom which I feel is infinitely more mature than do you wanna come over or slumber party, especially for a 35 year old mother of two. I agree that Britney should be happy and do what she wants but if she wants her career to progress she does have to mature her image and sound honestly. I don't like the gp calling her a trashy has been or godney... I want her to be respected. Madonna is respected, mj was respected, now Britney should be respected but she has to work on it if she wants that. And yeah she could care less but she'll continue to lose her fans as well which I don't want to see happen. If she can't sing live then I think prerecorded is important and if she can get into the studio to make albums I don't know why she can't do this. A conceptual album would be really good for her too and visually I'd love to see more artistic expression in her photos. How many more promo pics and album covers do we need of just her face? Some of her greatest pics were not her standing face forward in a short dress touching her face... I don't think these things make her particularly happy either, aside from maybe the music she was making on glory, but I'd love to see her experiment in other sounds than dance pop. I think she's just lost on what she could be doing, she's out of touch which is understandable. But her team doesn't present her with new ideas, they cling to old worn out ideas because of the nostalgia factor. That can't last at this rate. And finally the choreography needs to be 1000 times better. This doesn't mean she needs to be doing matm dance breaks but she needs to be fluid and move and feel the music, not count steps and pose while flapping her arms around. She can move slower and more sensual as long as she feels it. She can do a lot of the things she likes to do now but done a little differently. Hell if she got proper pole dancing lessons and used it artistically in performance that'd be sexy! Like pink with those curtain things... I'm blanking on the name, but strength and passion are hot and beyond sexy compared to wearing cheap lingerie and doing dollar store stripper moves to look sexy. Anyway I'm ready for those downvotes.
  6. Kat I love you bby but I believe this is a wrong statement. If you look around most people here go on and on about Blackout. I was really shocked when i first found this site because I always felt itz was the superior album, full of songs I could connect to when it had came out. But everyone here glamorizes blackout and her breakdown era.
  7. Britney and Itz are my all time favorites, I don't care if it aged well, people still listen to plenty of music from different decades. It's definitely one of her best and strongest albums despite cohesiveness. I'd rather listen to this teeny bopper album them the kesha sounding mess on ff or will.i.am's boom boom boom myah album.
  8. His retirement just didn't work, something you'll be hearing in the future.
  9. Honestly that's gotta be tragic for his friends here, that's like saying people online are merely robot toys and not real people just wanting to communicate with other Brit fans. Justice for the backstabbed friends plz.
  10. I hate the greatest hits bullshit. Mp was great but then she had the second one just a few years later. It gets hella redundant. She hasn't even had many hits since the last release.
  11. Im so here for an Enrique ship. I love him!
  12. 3 first Britney is saying monogamy is cool in bom then she starts promoting 3 somes and orgies, what's the truth here Britney??
  13. Yeah there's a lot of things that I think are suffering and it's unfortunate. Tv isnt like it used to be, movies are hard to come by, music is just.. in a strange place lol. I miss the 2000s a great deal which is why I said I feel like I'm stuck in it too. we all need saved right now tbh.
  14. That's very true but you know it's a good thing too. I know a lot of people don't think so but this is a new era where people can achieve success in just about anything without having to go through industry politics and favoritism. It still happens but people are finding it much more easy to achieve their dreams. People can make music and put it on soundcloud and yt, people with a camera can make their acting/filming dreams come true with youtube, people can write books and self publish on amazon, if you want to be a model and arent at the industry standards of height or beauty you can still become an instagram model. I think it's a beautiful thing that people can do more things than they ever could even when we were younger. The ability to take the control out of the hands of big corporation bosses is good. So because it's more accessible I think people aren't ever going to get that huge again. Although, you never know, there's always a chance for a new mania obsession in any of the arts, but they are far and few between because those people are born to be special.
  15. I'm not a Christian but I do believe that belief plays a huge part in one's success and achievements in life. I can see where she definitely lost her focus on and put it all on things that didn't serve her.. not that her career was serving her either, if she was miserable or unhappy, but that those things destroyed her a little. I think on a different level it's interesting to see that no matter what you achieve in success, you can fall from grace, no matter if you're the most beautiful person in the world, the most talented, the most successful, the most famous. You can still fall off and on the flip side it is also inspirational because you can also come from nothing and build yourself up. I find Britney's career and life, especially in her prime to be so fascinating. She's an inspirational person, I think, since she was knocked down to the lowest levels, she still got up and kept going.