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  1. I actually really want to know why people hate Boys...
  2. This would be my dream come true. Everything I've needed and wanted as a fan. Please be true.
  3. I really think if Britney released songs like this it would do well with the public and radios... It has a nice bass that's sexy and sensual. It's definitely moody and mature. It would also have worked soooo well as a soundtrack song on some huge block buster. Just imagine it on something like 50 Shades (yes I know the franchise isn't great BUT it would have fit.) Whoever is on Britney's team is just wasting the potential they have. It's there. They just aren't doing anything with it.
  4. Omg I love Anna. She's adorable and funny. And unrelated but I was an extra in a movie she starred in once.
  5. Oh honey... we all want that bby, but I dont think she'll ever be treated as a current singer since she is over it. She makes music for us and she did a lot of cool stuff last year but most of it was to promote the old nostalgia act that is selling tickets to POM. Since she'll never step up as she did in her prime, youthful days with the drive and passion to conquer the industry I think she'll always and forever be considered a has-been and a nostalgia act, simply because she is a shell of a performer of what she once was. She set the bar too high and people only remember what she used to be.
  6. My mom actually tried to force Britney on me when BOMT came out and Oops (I was maybe 11 or 12 at the time?).. she bought me a cd, the cassette tape of BOMT and the poster for oops and she even vhs recorded some Hawaiian special for me. I liked it at first of course but I really started to enjoy and appreciate it more and more as I entered middle school and related to the songs more. I listened to it so often and I became a secret stan. I remember getting teen mags with her pictures and interviews in it and hoarding them but I could not at any point admit that I liked her at school or else I'd have committed social suicide. Everyone HATED her... I didn't get it... I thought she was really cool and awesome and always stood up for her when people said she lip synced and what not. For some reason I missed out on the Britney release and god knows how I ever saw her videos. I missed out on the vmas in 2001 because I didn't have cable (obviously thanks to the internet i've seen it now). But I kept listening to oops and it got me through my first crush which was super unrequited. Later on in highschool, my friend burned me the Britney album on cd, and got me Crossroads on DVD.. I was finally able to tell everyone I loved Britney since I was starting not to care what everyone thought about me (but she did start to get "cool" to listen to when ITZ came out). And then a year or so later the Toxic mv was released and I saw it on Fuse when it first premiered and I swear to god it was EVERYTHING. I had to sneak out and buy ITZ with my friend at the mall even though for some reason my mom said I couldn't get it. The whole era cemented my love for her as a stan. I remember the OHT was showing on showtime one weekend and I was so desperate to see it and asked literally every person I could think of if they had the channel and could film it for me, but no one did so I didn't get to see it for years until youtube finally had copies. But everything up until My Prerogative was so magical for me as a fan. I miss it but those were the best years of my life! Britney's sick ITZ body had me so inspired to start working out and getting in shape too. I started forcing myself to do her 1000 situps/crunches a day with an hour of cardio (listening to her music of course) and I was taking dance classes too. I lost so much weight in the span of a few months. By the time I got back in school for spring I was looking bangin' . Good times..
  7. All of this is true and you bring up good points but that seemingly short time she had in her early career, her peak and prime, is what is going to be remembered forever. She wrote songs, she co-wrote songs, she had artistic direction, and she danced better than anybody pretty much. You're right though, it doesn't really look good now.. her reputation and career is pretty much trashed.
  8. I can't at the amount of people who want her to put another guy in her videos where it'll really ruin the video after they break up. Kevin ruined MP after the fact and don't get me started on Criminal. We already have Slumber Party we don't need anymore videos with Sam.
  9. I don't know much about it.. I think it was from 2007 too though? She was smoking and cleaning a glass table completely in the nude. Maybe another exhaler knows the story? I just know of the pictures.
  10. What about that one time she was naked and like on her balcony cleaning a table?
  11. I dont really like Beyonce's leotards most of the time but damn that outfit looks hot on her. It really flatters her shape.. Britney though... omg our girl needs a proper stylist and design team immediately.
  12. And she has written songs... how does this not make her an artist?