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  1. I know honey, but you gotta love yourself more. He'll just keep doing it and it'll hurt you worse and worse every time until you feel awful about yourself and it inevitably ends anyway probably. If he REALLY loves you as you love him he'd get some help or some self control. How long have you been dating? You wanna talk about it?
  2. I find it interesting that Britney wont promote SP but she's dating Sam..they could totally have used him in performances somehow as like a hot guy prop...then Britney could get an excuse to see him more and lbr he would get more promotion too since he's an "Actor". I think it would have helped it blow up a little...
  3. I'm a taurus, sooooo by definition I'm a crazy jealous bitch... in this situation, if it were me: ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. f**k guys and their dumb excuses. You deserve way better than someone who can't fap their peenus by themselves if they feel horny and need to find another girl to stick it in. T_T I can't help you any further since this sh!t makes me so mad.
  4. Well my encounter wasnt a favorable one for first impressions, I'm sure he's a lovely dude otherwise. You can come for my Justney obsession tho, I don't even care. Maybe one day you'll warm up to me... maybe one day.....
  5. Well I'll embrace you and your possible second accounts....except Krillin, he's kind of a d*ck. You drag everyone bby, exhale and I need you for our entertainment. It'd be boring without you.
  6. Are you going to forgive me?
  7. Then he probably wont ever stop.. is it going to be worth it to you?
  8. The biggest problem is the choreo honestly. It looks so bad, I don't really think it looks all that good on the backup dancers tbh...Plus she is dancing to old hits she is probably bored of so I don't believe she is feeling it anymore like she used to when she was young and her career was all she had and everything was exciting as things are when we are young. It just makes me so sad.
  9. I'm sorry Lilith, that wasn't very nice. I'll go to the time out corner if you forgive me.
  10. I can read, thank you for your concern, Lilith, but the topic at hand was how Britney would look with today's makeup trends. The instagram contouring is the biggest trend. The person I quoted said that they were over contouring(the heavy look obviously).. but Britney had pretty heavy contouring in the picture I JUST showed so...sweetie, I think I can contribute to the conversation. I wasn't being bitchy or trying to 'enlighten' anyone tho, no need to police me sweetcakes. Why are you always looking to pick a fight bby, loosen up.
  11. Contouring isn't anything new though.. they just make it a little more heavy/dramatic and don't blend as much in today's trend.
  12. Looks like they got that Charm choreography 100% tho.
  13. I'm not quite understanding your question... she WAS put into a category for best female artist with Beyonce and won... I'm confused what you mean. FAVORITE FEMALE ARTIST Adele Ariana Grande Beyonce Britney Spears (WINNER) Rihanna
  14. I became a bit of an xtina fan after watching Burlesque lol.. but honestly I kind of hope they can reunite as friends or friendly somehow. I think Xtina is not as bad now, the competition isn't there anymore, they are both older and have gone in different directions in their lives. You know if Brit, Xtina and JT can bury the hatchet it'd be like a real life Crossroads.
  15. She doesn't want to jeopardize her new relationship with Sam so she'll never leave Vegas. Get used to it huntys, you all want her with that man meat so you can fantasize about his d' so you can't complain that she wants to stay in Vegas and spend more time with him.