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  1. She doesn't need a break. She has had all the time in the world. Now is the pivotal moment in which she either fixes the damage done or continues down the toilet bowl. With her 20th anniversary coming she has no time for a long break. She should prepare something big to celebrate.
  2. you're all pieces of sh!t

    When you have no life and you're bitter and angry so you resort to calling people losers and fat shaming them as a means to cope. A lot of us criticise her shitty team which is likely not her fault as they are on daddy spears' payroll through Britney and they are honestly ruining her career. We want them to stop milking her old stuff and put effort into her present career. If you have any hopes of more albums, tours, etc then she has to start doing better bby lol I mean use your brain. Assuming you're not a 5 year old, based on your childish insults and comebacks, you can probably do the math on your own that doing well = more Britney. Quality = more fans, more opportunities, etc.