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  1. Omg the dancer's face and body
  2. This envelope red the sneakers she wore on boys and wigs Are the worst things she has used
  3. Britney, girl, you've been on vacation for two months, why the heck did not rehearse a miserable different step, why is that show so depressing for your level? I can not believe how mediocre Britney is at this point. 2 MONTHS OF HOLIDAYS, 2 MONTHS AND REPEAT WITH THAT PATHETIC SHOW
  4. Britney please leave that show, pom every time looks worse, those dodgy choreography, the ugliest wardrobe of all and the same vowels of 19 years ago. Of the show is only redeemable 10% and her figure the rest is horrible
  5. And every year in each era after 2007 they think that she is finished and she reappears with something