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  1. This is almost as stupid as the pll series finale tonight..
  2. Well if your government and political are similar, then you MAY be smart enough to know that OUR governemnt consists of several political partiets. And this leads to our LEADER (whom you targeted at first, but changed your opinion from because you realized you were wrong) not being able to too much about it as there are SEVERAL factors and political parties that make the decision, ALTHOUGH she is the leader. A budget that the GOVERNMENT makes (which credit Where it’s Due as you pointed out) is NOT done entirety by our leader. also I Wanna know, What is wrong about teaching people about rape? You never answered my question, Where are you from? Is it the USA?
  3. What country you from
  4. You should just Shut up right now as you clearly have very little knowledge of How our system works. You’re wrong, and you’re not going to be less wrong if I even styggedom knowledge into your brain with a teaspoon
  5. I love How you went from leader to government. Which one is it? Our leader does not represent the whole government sweetie
  6. She doesn’t have classes Where she teaches immigranter not to rape. There are bloggere who do that sure, but not the leader of the country sweetie
  7. Not to be rude, but Yes.. one of the reasons based off of this very election: y’all had Bernie and ended up with Trump & a man who claimed global warming was a myth. a lot of people for example in Sweden, or Australia or even Norway, Where I am from have basically been watching with our jaws open. i think alot of people still Association Americans with being very very conservative and unaware
  8. So we should keep giving her sh!t Everyday till she works bitch? she obviously CAN sing, I wish we actually knee why she didn’t. I’d be kinda embarassed if she was actually telling the truth here
  9. She really gets a lot of flack in the USA, mostly so no wonder she is a lot more open overseas
  10. I’m talking even earlier than that... she has always been a dancer Yes, but it’s Clear dancing became a priority over vocals later
  11. Extra Extra this just in, that’s Britney shameless tbh Idk what’s Going on I can hope that after POM ends she gets it together, she has it in her, let it out
  12. Lame excuse, she started out by singing, not dancing... that came in later.
  13. After Baby during the summer probably! It’ll be a few months maybe!