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  1. Miley has taught her well
  2. Britney should learn this, I'd die if she performed this but she loves her fans so she won't kill me
  3. that escalated quickly
  4. yas epic, slaying the stage! She looked so great, the vocals though prerecorded (?) were grea, amazing energy this was a great number.
  5. There are better examples, but yes, rawney
  6. Both ok and bad she becomes lazy af in vegas, because well she is kinda, and also because she mentioned something about the crowd being totally drunk. I want to see a crowd go wild for her like the festivals
  7. She needs that stresming
  8. She's taken the d*ck before, she can't hide her love for it
  9. Hmm, I disagree halfway. A deep song doesnt' necessarily need to have a message about very deep issues as war for example, I believe you can turn a a song about shopping very deep How did you end up with this interpretation, really curious.. in my opinion, she is talking about mental issues as anxiety, having somewhat of a negative opinion of herself Sure, at first look it would seem that she is talking about love, and while I do agree that she to some degree is, the underlying theme and main message about the song points towards somewhat mental issues as histrionic attention disorder combined with some references to anxiety as well.
  10. Ok not dragging, but shady! slay queen!
  11. Not deep my ass. Sure she doesn't release them as singles and thus the GP dismisses her, but don't say she isn't deep. Everytime, Shadow, Everyday, Tell Me (Am I a Sinner), Just Luv Me (referring to an interpretation regarding mental ossues and anxiety), Blur, Just Like Me & Mood Ring to name a few. I think it's more the fact that she isn't marketed as a singer which leads to people dismissing her deeper songs. Several of her songs would be considered very deep, i.e. Overprotected. she isn't marketed that way, doesn't release that type of music to the public, a.k.a. As a single usually and a lot of the time it's produced like a very poppy song if that makes sense (Like someone mentioned)