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  1. Bonnie Raitt - Something To Talk About

    @breatheheavy you should contact them and tell them to have Britney sing a different song each week
  2. Queen of going viral for doing her job correctly 20 years into her career... that was a joke but still, good for her. I wish she’D sing snother song that’s more her voice like bluesy and soulful too sometime
  3. She sounds so gooood! while I am grateful, I do hope Britney gets an amazing vocal coach, there were some parts that were rusty (I know she danced so I’m letting her off this ome) other parts it was very clear she has it downnnnn! I want her to improve her voice as much as possible and learn to do acrobatics with her voice and all. she is such a capable vocalist, that no one knew about for 20 years... I hope she puts in even more effort in the future as she has it in her clearly her growls and belts made me wet
  4. I mean that song did land her a record deal, and it’s Not Whitney’s hardest song I just want Britney to actually challenge her voice, not do stuff like Wanna Come Over or If I’m dancing or Private Show (I like the song butttt)
  5. I may be reaching (not really) but I think she could be the one of if not the best current mainstream vocalist, if she put in the Damn effort and trained her voice a lot more i did hear it, she has such a sexy voice tbh, when she’s not doing the baby voice I want her to do something a little bit like that as well, but something like Let Go as well, very stripped, and deep Think she could pull something like I have nothing off?
  6. Ikr? Am O the only one who wants her to ditch the baby voice for 95% of the songs in her career from now on? This is gonna sound rude, but I want her to get the best vocal coach she can. She has a great voice, but more than that she has SOOOO much potential, her belts and growls made surprised me, I’ve seen that some people say she doesn’t have the best technique and I think she should change it to be the best she possibly can be I mean the way she transitions into falsetto-y tones is beautiful lowkey I want her to remove several of the songs so she can have an acoustic section
  7. I actually don’t want that. remember when Kelly had these moments Where every week (I think) She did a different song? I want Britney to do that tbh.
  8. Tricia Miranda does "Outrageous"

    Thank uuu! finally someone who Agreed with me. the choreo is ok, but it does not fit the song, nor does it go with the beat. It seems like they’re trying to move along to every single word, beat etc all at the same time