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  1. Songs she absoloutley should perform: Toxic - original choreo Plus maybe a dance break from Circus/OHT Baby Slave - Original choreo in full Gimme More (Brand new choreo) Break the Ice (Brand new plus original choreo) Overprotected/Boys mix original choreos/MATM with original choreo in full Breathe on Me One of her older ballads, completley live (Where are you now, DLMBTLTK, Everytime, Where are you now, maybe Invitation??) she should do only those from her older catalogue Then have Hot as Ice, Get naked and everything else be post Blackout Love me Down, Gasoline, Circus etc
  2. Part 2 of Primeney dancing to her current music

    The LMD one If she only did that today you should include BTI from POM bare old one
  3. I don’t know What to think
  4. Prime Britney dancing to her new music

    In the gif Yes, but in the video, SP was great
  5. Couldn’t be team B, as something is happening jk
  6. Prime Britney dancing to her new music

    Slumber party gave me my entire life
  7. I thi k vocal acrobatics could work if she took some lessons and left the babyvoice in 2017 like if she does it like the Silent night performance she would get dragged, rightfully so but doing it in her natural register (not nasal at all) she could really work it ans Yes, I find it annoying when people do all sort of stuff, like Damn just sing the song
  8. Cardi B Stans Britney Hard

    It’s One of her most mature songs every It is one of her dare I say best plis Britney work with people like B&A