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  1. This is when you find out CYM would've been a good single choice
  2. Take my money please
  3. Her team is adjusting the numbers
  4. He didn't like MM he wanted something more upbeat (probably DYWCO) but her boring team decided to release the midtempo that couldn't be sung live or had an actual choreo and not awkward hand gestures
  5. Oops I did it again I stayed in Vegas again
  6. I love it, wish they released MM without so many effects, the falsettos sound angelical and the actual ine in the song sounds different, I don't know if I make sense
  7. If she brings the energy she had for the BBMA's I'm in for it! But if she keeps bringing her usual POM energy then she can stay at home and watch any other singer do it
  8. Awww I love that song it really gets my in a good mood