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    tim90917 reacted to Iexpectyouto in Can anyone explain this? Britney shooting a MV?   
    Did anyone notice the red X on the wall behind her or in the "gate X" sign? X as in 10? 
    BX would be a fucking lit album title 
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    tim90917 reacted to SexyJeans in SLUMBER PARTY   
    Do you wanna come over was definetly underrated in the fan base last year 
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    tim90917 reacted to basicbrit in SLUMBER PARTY   

    Its such a banger! It should have been promoted heavily and on the radio. 
    But once again managment dropped the ball.. 
    Which song on "Glory" do you think is underrated? 
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    tim90917 reacted to Pickle Rick in New Pre-grammy 2017 Party pictures   
    I'm not sure if is ap, but she looks flawless with a different light 

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    tim90917 reacted to Chris343 in Britney fans, what's your top 3 female pop stars?   
    1- Britney
    2- Jean
    3- Spears

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    tim90917 reacted to ATWK in Britney fans, what's your top 3 female pop stars?   
    Poor you.
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    tim90917 reacted to ATWK in Britney fans, what's your top 3 female pop stars?   
    1. Britney
    2. Shakira
    3. Kylie Minogue
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    tim90917 reacted to IUSAtonight in Taylor Swift working on a Slave 4 U remake   
    If people start saying it's better than the original i will cut someone 
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    tim90917 reacted to 3isacharm in RUMOR: B10 Coming Out 2018 With A Big Bang?!   
    RCA might have those plans but doesn’t mean Britney or her flop team will follow through 
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    tim90917 reacted to Dripping For Britney in Britney is NOT featured on G-Eazy's new album!   
    Track 6 is about her though 
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    tim90917 reacted to SonOfSun in Britney Serves A LOOK In New Social Media Snaps   
    Great shot  !

    I just made this cover quickly with iPhoto. Even her instas pictures are better than her albums covers 
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    tim90917 reacted to pablitonizer in Confirmed: Pink And Christina Recorded A Duet Together   
    The biggest song of all time has been recorded.

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    tim90917 reacted to britney_rocks in My Only Wish dipping it and doing it on Itunes, Spotify and Apple Music   
    I find My Ony Wish a much better song than All I Want For Christmas 

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    tim90917 reacted to Ryan Godspeed in 36NEY GIVES US VOCALS   
    Merry f*cking Britmas Y'all 

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    tim90917 reacted to SlayOut in 36NEY GIVES US VOCALS   
    Yas queen
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    tim90917 reacted to ShowdownITZ in "Britney Spears is #1"   
    Well she better start liking being #1 because once B10 drops, she’s gonna be #1 on every chart 
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    tim90917 reacted to Damon in "Britney Spears is #1"   
    Larry: "Okay Britney, so we've kept your work schedule to a minimum through 2017. However, would you be able to do one new photoshoot for Sunset Fantasy?"
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    tim90917 reacted to ITZFFGL in Britney at Lakers v.s. Warriors game tonight w/ Sam   
    they were on TV!

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    tim90917 reacted to jamesedward94 in A list of the many, MANY easy ways Glory could have been HUGE   
    It’s almost laughable just how many things could have and should have gone completely differently.......
    •Use Billboard medley to promote first single from upcoming album  
    •Release original Make Me music video with David Lachapelle as the director 
    •Use original album photo shoot that went with the single artwork released for for first single Make Me
    •Use original Make Me choreography seen in the rehearsal video with Charm
    •Use original Make Me choreography during a live televised performance 
    •A memorable VMA performance that makes a mark and leaves a lasting impression instead of one that is highly forgettable and almost bad (the commercial was better than the actual performance.....)
    •Perform on just one or two more shows such as GMA or AMAs
    •Give an interview or two (instead of just walking through a mall.....)
    •Choose a different album title (sorry, but she really let her kid choose the title?....)
    AND FINALLY.........
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    tim90917 reacted to LisaJane in Sam and Britney..... Shocking   
    What did I just read?