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  1. I would be here for this
  2. Kenzo pic edit

    Jokerney is coming for y'all
  3. i need a legendary song like this on b10

    Remember when Larry promoted FF as her ROL .... and then FF happened No shade I actually like FF but it has nothing to do with ROF AT ALL. So I am still waiting for Britney to deliver some ambientney to me
  4. Is it me or she is serving Iggy tease a bit excited for new music though, it has been a LONG time now
  5. Why does Wendy hate Britney?

    Wendy's job is to create drama nothing else it is a part of her daily routine that is why lots of celebrities do not like her. Yet people still watches her cheap show.
  6. Unreleased Elvis Outfit HBO Pic

    Love this photo shoot
  7. I'm slave 4 u is iconic but I voted for hooked on.
  8. No one actually, I just want Britney. However I'm here for a Janet Jackson collaboration.
  9. OMG! Did u all realize...

  10. BURNS is working on B10?

    Well I don't mind it Tbh
  11. Wendy Williams: Kevin Deserves More Money

    I shall skip this thread and Wendy's opinion is irrelevant so