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    Who's to blame? Do you really want to know...?
  2. Britney: Name That Song (Game)

    So I am just bad at spelling good guesser, bad speller
  3. Britney: Name That Song (Game)

    Coupe electric? edit, that can't be it unless I'm just awful with spelling?
  4. Britney: Name That Song (Game)

  5. Britney: Name That Song (Game)

    Perfume it is
  6. Britney: Name That Song (Game)

    No O, right now the first letter is P P _ _ _ _ _ _
  7. Britney: Name That Song (Game)

    P _ _ _ _ _ _
  8. Britney: Name That Song (Game)

    Nope, keep guessing
  9. Britney: Name That Song (Game)

    No and no
  10. Britney: Name That Song (Game)

    Okay! And nope, no C or S
  11. Britney: Name That Song (Game)

    Omg I didn't see you posted one already, do you want to start with mine or yours?!
  12. Britney: Name That Song (Game)

    I'll play _ _ _ _ _ _ _
  13. I absolutely LOVED 3 when it first came out, it was the moment I was truly a fan Most recently? Probably Love Me Down. It was the only song from the leaks of Glory I listened too before I got the cd (besides the promo singles) and I was absolutely obsessed!
  14. The Good Place [Spoilers]

    Attn: The thread contains spoilers, do NOT read if you haven't seen season 1. And if you haven't, what the fork are you waiting for? Any fans of this show?? The second season starts tonight and I'm SO SO excited!!! Season 1 was absolutely amazing! I am hooked. Also, if you have watched it, refrain from spoilers, and if you haven't watched it, you NEED to start with season 1 and watch from the beginning, otherwise it won't make sense. Am I the only fan of this flawless show here?
  15. That moment she performed OIDIA in Vegas

    Big Fat Bass says hi
  16. Post your mood with a Britney gif

    What I'm getting from this thread is exhale is a bunch of tired, anxious, and depressed people. Birds of a feather flock together
  17. Krystyna Hutchinson is not a fan.

    Oh my god! That's so funny. The ethics express baby
  18. Krystyna Hutchinson is not a fan.

    Also, I watched a bit of what they talked about afterwards with that filter/editing app technology may not wipe us out, but it could potentially be the death of the human race as we know it...
  19. Post your mood with a Britney gif

    currently. Also, this is a fun idea for a thread, kudos to the OP
  20. Krystyna Hutchinson is not a fan.

    I am dead but seriously, who is this chick and why does her opinion matter?
  21. Post your mood with a Britney gif

    Awww babe don't worry, just remember it's an opportunity for something better to come along. When one door closes, two more will open