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  1. Why Piece of Me tickets are so expensive?

    Supply and demand. Resellers know someone will pay the price, so they up it
  2. Kesha Postpones 'Rainbow' Tour To Undergo Surgery

    Queens of knee surgery
  3. Unpopular opinion: I kinda like Wendy Williams. She's a shady beetch but lbr, 80% of the time she says sh*t we talk about with our friends and family anyways
  4. Kesha Postpones 'Rainbow' Tour To Undergo Surgery

    Awww get better soon Kesh
  5. Hmmmm interesting. Good for her at least trying to speak her mind. I feel like she's been over the conservatorship since the begining. Side note: I (briefly) met Mario Lopez last year because him and Melissa Joan heart were filming some Christmas movie a town over from me. He was kinda weird and kinda a douche. A lot different from Extra. I was gonna ask him to tell Britney I said whaddup from CT but he was so blah
  6. Oh wow. Yeah you know Jamie scrapped that real quick!
  7. What is all the talk of the Jonathan Ross interview? She made a daddy issues comment/talked about conservatorship? I have seen that floating around here before. Where did that start?
  8. 100%, it's almost even worse if you consider yourself a fan of someone. It's like bruh, get a hobby. If only everyone was as invested into their own lives as they are their fave's
  9. I never understood people who 'attack' celebrities on social media. Like, ya'll don't have better things to do with your time?
  10. Britney's most underrated song from each era?

    TTB is a freakin BOP doe ___ Baby: I'll Never Stop Loving You Oops: One Kiss From You Britney: That's Where You Take Me ITZ: Shadow Blackout: Outta This World Circus: Kill the Lights FF: Trouble For Me or Up N Down BJ: TTB Glory: What You Need
  11. Mood Ring (Early Producer Demo)

    It's okay, my expectations were low going into it
  12. Mood Ring (Early Producer Demo)

    This is new for me, there was a buildup and then, nothing...