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    other I just listened to "Oops..." again and I'm blown away

    Thank you so much!!
  2. Chaoscontrol

    other I just listened to "Oops..." again and I'm blown away

    Damn, Oops is a great album. Haven't listened to it in months and I'm making an hour long drive tomorrow am, I may have to change that
  3. 100%. But let's be real, most of us wouldn't want it any other way
  4. Chaoscontrol

    music Songs You Would Show Someone To...

    Can you honestly imagine someone hearing that as their first Britney song?
  5. Chaoscontrol

    tour How was she so good (M&M's tour)

    I read in a bio (Britney: Inside the Dream) that she was taking tequila shots before the show. She partied all night, and then was pounding shots. And also that JT knocked on her dressing room door to wish her good luck. If all of its true, she was probably an anxious wreck and drunk and t just ended in disaster. Def grab a copy of the book if you haven't read it though, it's a great read. A very sad, telling story and I feel like if more fans read it there would be a little less negativity around here
  6. Chaoscontrol

    music Songs You Would Show Someone To...

    User who said Shadow, that's a good one. I agree it depends on the type of person. Someone who isn't into pop but likes Adult Contemporary, Shadow or Hold On Tight/Alien maybe. Party animals would like songs like Till the World Ends, Piece of Me, Circus, Slumber Party imo. Everyday and Strangest Love would make anyone a fan though Edit- this is besides the obvious BOMT, Toxic, etc
  7. Chaoscontrol

    rumor I know what Britney thinks of the Myah talk and the BJ era

    I actually believe this. I would believe that Britney feels she did have a lot to do with the album, just like she always sings live. And I'm not being negative, I'm being realistic. I only have nice things to say about Britney and her performances, but I'm not that star struck where I won't speak my true feelings on the matter. If she did record more than we actually got for BJ, then shame on the team that produced and put it together for actually giving us what we got. I think that's more believable anyways. Britney probably did record the songs, but her team used the Myah vocals for whatever reason. Either way the album is still a mess and this won't change anyone's opinions on that :/
  8. You can keep on askin till the world ends
  9. You made this same thread a few months ago I think Either you need new material or I need to stop spending so much time on Exhell. or both
  10. Hey Exhale! So long story short, I have an extra pair of Mohegan Tix I'm looking to drop. Not interested in making a profit, just making my money back for them. Figured I'd check here to see if anyone wants them. Its Section 107, (Row K I think, will have to double check). They are e-tickets that I printed, so we will have to meet publically and make the exchange. If you are more comfortable making the exchange through ticketmaster, that's fine too but then the price will be increased so I don't get the ticketmaster fee's taken out of my share. Please let me know!
  11. Part of me wants to say FF, because, well yeah.... But it gave us TTWE which is one of my favorite songs by Britney. So idk if I'd wanna erase that. BJ comes to mind, but it's supplied us with so many jokes, plus HOT and Alien are a couple of the best songs of her career imo. I cant pick I like them all.
  12. Your posts are so blunt and honest and always make me laugh
  13. Yessssss! Her bonus tracks are always amazing. Also, I have to add: You know you're a Britney fan when you can nail the- "I like this part....whooooo....that feels kinda good' down to a tee in BTI
  14. Chaoscontrol

    music Did you know???

    Alien is a gem
  15. I still can't even find the cans anywhere
  16. 2016!! -Her energy was great, better than it had been in years. -POM revamp with new songs. -Glory rumors flying left and right. -BBMA's. -Make Me audio dropped and everyone loved it (including the GP in my own life). -Glory album dropped and it was amazing! -VMA comeback (although a bit underwhelming, I'll admit). Despite any disappointments, 2016 was a great year to be a Britney fan!
  17. Chaoscontrol

    music "Look in the mirror....

    Why do I always forget about this gem? The bridge always gets me... Im in the palm of your hand, my temperature is at your command, by my demand. And now I'm falling for you, I go from golden to blue-ooh-ooh, and you do toooooo
  18. I agree, all of my GP friends loved Pretty Girls. The only ones who seem to hate it are Britney fans... I don't love it, but it's a fun song. I bop to it sometimes!
  19. Chaoscontrol

    tour To all my Mohegan peeps....

    58 days til our girl takes the stage! Time is flying by! The world is spinning, yet we keep on winning!! I am super stoked :D
  20. Chaoscontrol

    tour To all my Mohegan peeps....

    Omg!! I can't believe this was my state
  21. Even my grandma knows the term 'It's Britney, Bitch!' she he actually told me last week: "When you go see your girlfriend's concert, you better not buy any shirt with the word 'bitch' on it!"
  22. Chaoscontrol

    music There may be reason why her team is so silent...

    Can you really blame us though? #itsthesparkthatwontgoout